Sunday, 29 November 2015

Midnight Reflection on People Who Changed Our Lives

A Facebook conversation popped out the other day. A friend of mine sent a message to thank me for empowering her life.

I was puzzled as we have not met or talked for a while. She explained that my posts on Facebook have taught her to finally have the strength to decide her life for herself.

Since then, occasionally some acquintances come to tell me that I am an inspiration to them, that they can be brave, that they also want to find out what life holds for them. They say they can relate to me personally, that after they read about the things I do, they realise that they could too. They learn that the only thing that is stopping us is ourselves.

This is becoming more and more frequent.

These are mostly people I have little interaction with during my daily life. Yet they take the trouble to text me, meesage me, or talk to me just to tell me how I have changed their mindset and their lives.

It got me thinking. How did these happen?

As a child and teenage, I had a tough time looking for an identity and my place. I come from a small fishing village. I didn't know who I was and should be. Oppressive and competitive education, peer pressure and canings from school didn't help.I wasn't academically bright either. I had social anxiety which nobody, not even myself was aware of. Ultimately, I was nobody. I probably wasn't the only one who felt this way, pretty sure many of the teens are facing this identity crisis now.

But as time goes, I have been incredibly lucky to have many who have inspired me.

When I joined Musical out of boredom, people told me I could sing. So I became a singer.

I couldn't dance but Kingsley, my mentor encouraged me. So I ended up dancing on stage. Since then, my life transformed.

I sucked in studies but my mum said everything will be fine. So I have since received 3 academic scholarships and I am certain that there are more to come.

After a breakup, I had an identity crisis and lost all confidence but my friends told me that there's no way they can watch me wilt. So they built me up instead.

When I started looking for an identity, my parents gave me a green light and sent me to China. I was thrown into an unfamiliar place for 2 months but people valued me. They said that I spoke well, they that my travelling experiences are of utmost importance. They say critical thinking should always be encouraged not oppressed. They let me express my opinions. So I led thousands of people, an entire community.

When I didn't know what options I had beside medicine, a Spanish university offered me a business scholarship. I went to my favourite country in the world and I realise that I could change the world and help the poor and sick from a bigger picture.

When I felt lonely, I made friends from all around the world. They say the world is big. We can be anything we want.

There is a similarity which these statements share. Do you know what it is?

It is FAITH. These people, they listened to our stories. They didn't give up on us. Instead, they believe in us. Faithfully. Goodness oozed from them. I began mirroring them, learning from them. In the process, I found myself. I become fearless. I become humble. Most importantly, I become happy.

Honestly, I didn't think that my life is extraordinary. The more I travel, the more experienced I become with my emotions, the humbler I become. I begin talking to people more, and seeing only their strengths. I become very willing to work hard to understand a person's life. I work even harder to want to be part of other's lives. I start listening. I start sharing and indirectly, educating and inspiring. I didn't know that what I was doing was inspiring. But soon people began noticing how after talking to me, they learned. They felt empowered. They felt thankful. They think that I changed their lives.

But I think they have it inside them all along. I strongly believe that everyone has gems in them, waiting to be discovered. Today, I am still learning from them.

I strongly believe in this because in the beginning, I was the one who started watching them, learning the way they talk, learning the way they see life, learning the way they love. I tried very hard to imprint these images and values in my mind, so much that in time, their beautiful values become mine. It is their quality from the start. I want them to know that if they think that my life is amazing, their lives could be like mine and more because they are more amazing than I am. I want to tell them that they are me and more, for everyone is special and irreplaceable.

2 days ago, I have a friend whose name is Bobby, whom I have known for 3 years, told me that I have changed, matured and am inspiring. I didn't have the time and capacity then. But if I could turn back time, I would have told him that I learned how to be sincere and caring from him since we became friends. He didn't know, but he was one of the greatest people whom I have met in my life. He is my inspiration.

I think we all have a very incredible superman in us. Let's unleash it. Life is limitless. Remember that you're amazing. Never let yourself limit your soul.