Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Things Arvin and Jane say #9: Good Looks corrupt people

Yesterday was one of the usual days when we went for movie premiers together. We got 4 free tickets for Poltergeist but it was just 2 of us. We tried to give people the free tickets but everyone seemed to only want to watch Jurassic World. Sigh. There burned our premier tickets.

Anyway while on the way to movie, we had a conversation like this in the car.

Me: Do you know Google interns get paid like $6000 with housing allowance omg

Arvin: Yea exactly, just need to be really hardworking and talented and lucky.

Me: Yea sigh. Too bad we don't have any talent lo haiyoooo

After 5 seconds of silence.

Me: You know, if I get to choose between being talented and good-looking, I seriously would wanna be talented and smart. Cos' I feel like talents will never destroy a person but good looks could corrupt a person's mind.

Arvin: Yea man, so I bet you're really corrupted heh heh.

Me: AHHH what a pick-up line hahahahha <3