Sunday, 17 May 2015

Things Arvin and Jane say #8: Your Arms Are Not Fat At All!!!

Attended the annual dinner: The Casino Royale Ball.

I have always had a thing for cheongsam. Probably cos' I'm a Chinese duh. Found this gem in one of the weird shop in Times Square. So I dressed up as Dato' Michelle Yeoh with a chopstick from the kitchen in my hair for the night (cos' it's the easiest)

I showed up in this dress (late).

Arvin: You look real good!! Now everybody stares at your fat flabby arms.


Arvin: Ohh nono bae I mean your arms looks soft and white and cute. Not fat, not fat at all!! You're my pearl of the orient how can you be ever fat? 

Good cover-up. Starved for a week for this night. This is how I feel. 

Here's a photo of me, my flat eyes, my flabby arms, my chopstick and Arvin.

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