Friday, 23 January 2015

Feeling Tied Down

I applied for some overseas summer research. But due to late in-coming recommendation letters, I don't know whether I stand a good chance for them or not. So I am planning for a Plan B: WHO internship during summer.

I'm ambitious. I'm very very ambitious. I'm so ambitious that at times I feel that medical school has tied me down. Scholarship bond has freed me, and tied me down at the same time. But I know that these 5 years will be worth it. I may have a slower start to society than others. But the time I took, the things I learn, will never go in vain.

My parents have just encouraged me to do Master in Arts (preferably MBA but not qualified without a job) when I graduate and wait for a medical posting. I know graduation is 2 years away but seeing how fast the years are passing by, I have to plan now. I hope I strike the luck pot that I get posted to hospitals either immediately after graduation, or 9 months after graduation. The time frame will be just great for me to pursue M.A. or half of it. I'm in fact taking online business courses, hoping that gaining knowledge aside, I get to skip straight to exams if I get to do M.A.

I wanna be in business, with a Dr. title. Sounds kind of cool right? LOL I'm so fking superficial but meh.

All these are just about future planning. Now my biggest hope is to obtain an overseas summer research scholarship.

I want to go out there, see the world, and do something for our world and our children.

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