Friday, 26 December 2014

When We Meet The One

I have come to this stage of life when I feel very happy for the friends who have found the one person for them.

LOL last time when I was young right, when girls get into a relationship, I mostly feel "juuussst because your boyfriend haven't met meeeee" hhahahaha wtf. Fking sour grapes kan. But I admire my ceiling-high confidence wtf.

What triggers me to write this entry is meeting my high school friend whom I haven't met for 3 years.

It's not like we are miles apart. She stays merely 3 miles away. We were close but as you know, both our schedules caught up with us. I am lazy and I am busy.

It's good to have other friends who keep me updated about others. So I know she has a great guy who takes care of her well and I sincerely approve LOL SOUND LIKE I'M HER MUM WTF. She told us about her stories. And I thought of how I have someone too.

Then I thought to myself, do you have the slightest idea of how lucky you are?

Sometimes we really don't know what we want out of a relationship until we are in one. When we were younger, we were like some bimbo teens falling for the most popular guys in school la wtf hahahahhaa. Then butterflies happened in our stomachs and we were so curious how it feels to be kissed.

Aiya, you know la. Silly little girl stuff hahaha. We didn't know how much it rewards and how much it hurts to place our hearts in somebody's hand.

Then we may or may not get a boyfriend. Regardless, we grow up and we started having a list of criteria we look for in our future boyfriends and husbands la. Like mine was, tall, cash, smart, quietly strong and fking handsome when I was 18 hahahahah which can only be found in Hollywood.

I had this huge crush on a guy called JA when I was in college. On one fine day he found out hahahahaha wtf and then he msg me on facebook. I didn't even read the message coz I know it was definitely about my crush on him so I ran away and took a bath to calm the fire down.

Mana tau this fella went to text me on my phone instead =_= I couldn't avoid anyway so end up we had to talk about it la. I don't even remember what he said but it was some good memories. Now I recall back I think he's REALLY CUTE to confront me about this and I was SUPER CUTE for being so shy wtf hahahahah I mean, WHO DO THIS LA -_-ll anyway I think the crush is one-sided la. There goes my sad crush story HAHAHA

Back to the topic, there were butterflies in the stomach, there were criteria. But we grew up and we know that these are not enough to make you feel like going into a relationship or whatsoever.

The reasons can be because the guy doesn't feel the same way like you do (which was what happened to me HAHA DAFUG), or pressure, studies, no chemistry, not compatible, whatever shit you can list here. At some point of our life, we would know it when we like someone but we know it just couldn't work out. I have my fair share of experience on this.

Then we would still grow, realizing one day that, the one might has been by your side all the time.

You realise that, the one doesn't fulfill your list of criteria. The only thing that matches is that, he feels the same way that you do. He wants to work things out with you. He knows that his and your mental maturity have come to a point that is compatible. He makes you happier than ever. He isn't perfect but somehow he becomes the right fit for you.

There are heartbreaks and disappointments and fights along the way. But he makes you realise that he's worth keeping, that yourself are worth even more.

And when you find this one person who makes you feel like this, I am happy for you.
(I probably haven't found the one, but I'm happy now)

On a side note, I wish all of you a jolly Christmas season.

Here's me with a Christmas tree with flowers similar to those prints on my dress.

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