Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Things Arvin and Jane say #6: This is Angel Fish la

Anyway this conversation happened before the movie.

Arvin: Aiyo Chinese restaurants charge so expensive for fishes zzz (We were talking about eating at Chinese restaurants) My favourite one is bla bla fish and angel fish.

Me: Huh? What's angel fish?

Arvin: Nehh, the fish with black-white-yellow stripes. You went snorkelling in Langkawi you sure saw before one. It's the boss fish in Finding Nemo.

Me: I don't know la. Show me an angel fish picture.

Then Arvin went on to show me this. 

Me: Oh yea! I think I saw this fish before.

Arvin: Yeah! But well the angel fish you saw in Langkawi don't look like this face laaa.

Me: HAHAHAH duhhhhh wtf =_= 

Anyway guys, this is the REAL angel fish that you'd see in the sea hahahahaha wtf it would look something like this.

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