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The Story of the Maid: What Should You Consider While Getting/Having A Maid

This is what happened la...

So for the past months, my maid has been really terrible-mannered. The story is, my previous maid went back to Cambodia. So our family needed a new maid. After viewing some profiles, my mum chose this 19-yo maid from Kupang. Then when she came..


Anyway I think she lied about her age. Well what to do right? Suddenly all of us have a little sister at home. Except for the fact that she's damn weird and have the princess temper. But since nobody at home gave a flying shit, it was fine.

Our family is VERY VERY good to all our past maids, we had about 13-15 before. My maid gets to watch TV (in fact my maids watch TV more than any of us), eat junk food, dance to radio and all kinds of shits as long as she cooks, washes and irons the clothes and cleans the house.

Anyway this maid she very naughty and lazy one. The house was so fking dusty lo she sweeps only once or twice a month I think. But nobody really cares la.

Then one day she just ran away. She didn't steal any money. But SHE FRIGGING STOLE MY DRESSES MY HIGH HEELS AND MY HANDBAGS FFFFFFFFUUU.

She prolly wanna bring them home to be pretty and get married so anyway never mind la. I am a really naise person I forgive you.

Anyway that wasn't the bad part. Ever since she left, the house got so clean LOL cos' we as a family put effort to keep the house clean and wonderful!

The disturbing part is every night we got some weird calls at home.

The first week was 2 fellas, 1 calling from Sarawak as her "friend", another one calling from "Immigration department". My mum always was the one who picked up the calls. The "friend" would say omg Jelli suda kena cangkap kat sarawak ni mem u mesti tolong la, ni kawan saya. (Jelli is caught in sarawak, you have to help her, this is my friend!). The friend was always begging for help.

Because he's a guy so naturally my mum would assume he's my maid's boyfriend or something.

Then about an hour later, the "immigration officer" would call. Ni immigrasion office ni, nak call kerane ada report kata you mendesa maid u ni, pukul dan marah sumua (This is immigration office and we are calling because there's a report saying that you beat your maid up). This officer would always ask us to fly to Sarawak to get my maid health report done to see whether the scars on her were done by my family =_= Wtf right, sometimes when we come home from work, we don't even know where our maid is(cos' she likes to go out with her friends), how to pukul her hahahahaha wtf.

Anyway my mum just gave him a piece of her mind and said if they really think we pukul our maid, they should fly to KL since we have the best hospital in KL and the test would be even more accurate. Then the officer would try to convince my mum to fly to Sarawak telling her that flights are so cheap wtf.

This lasted for about 1 week. Then from the 2nd week onward, there's always a call at 2am or 3am after midnight. The first night when this happened I freaked out coz' nobody would call the house phone and if someone does, something bad may have happened, like OMG my grandma got injured my uncle bang people and some other shit.

Turn out there's only a land of silence in the phone call.

So of course I would hang up right. Then it happens for the whole next month. I get so sick of it that I won't even believe it if somebody tells me that it's the ghost hour. Anyway after some time, my brother and I decided that we were so fed up picking up empty midnight calls so we just left it to ring.

I think there wasn't any phone call at 2am since last 2 weeks. Bless my sleepless soul.

Anyway, ever since my maid ran away in early September, I became the maid of the house hahahahha wtf mum is saving money out of me.

I naturally assumed the position cos' I'm the only girl (beside my mum) in the family. Although I'm a feminist la, my parents are so old-fashioned they don't believe in any shit like this. To them, it is only natural for a girl to do more house work. When I go to class, my mum does the chores.

Which is why I'm writing this.

Nowadays, we do have an increasing number of family that have 2 working parents. So it's either the grandparents take care of the kids or the kids will be sent to daycare. Most of the times these families will hire maids.

But be very mindful! Some maids give trouble. Some more maids are potentially DANGEROUS!!

Here is a handful of things you should consider while getting a maid, or having a maid

1. How old are your kids?

If they are about 16-17 and they are able to be independent, you probably should just get the weekly cleaners. Most of the times, after work, you can get your kids to cook the rice and you tapao some food from outside. During the weekends, you can teach your kids how to cook. That works great in my family!

Some teenagers don't know how to do the washings. Besides, washings can be very tedious and time-consuming. Get a washing machine to do the job.

However, you must put more consideration if your children are young. I would advise that if you have toddlers at home and you really need a maid, make sure there's at least a grandparent at home. This is because when a maid does something wrong and you correct her, she may get pissed and releases the temper on your toddler. God knows what they do.

If your kids is 4-10 years old, you have to keep a very CLOSE watch too! We once had an abusive maid but we only found out after she went TOTALLY mental. When I was young, my family was really really poor so my mum took up 2 jobs at once to keep the finance going. We have 4 children (3 brothers and me) at home so we needed a maid and we got Aida from Philippines. She hit my eldest brother really bad. Sometimes her nerve got broken suddenly, then she would just leave us by the road side or on the roof top or somewhere else. She used the broom the clean the rice cooker. She stole my mum's bra and marked her own initial and claimed that it was hers.

I didn't think she was dangerous cos' I was only 4. Now when I recalled, I really hoped that my mum was home. I really wished that we weren't that poor. Having a bad maid leaves a permanent mark in our lives, especially when we are young because that was when our personality and self-esteem was shaped. I wouldn't say that this one shit maid changed my personality, but I know that this had happened to some other families.

2. What or who are the maid going to be taking care of?

Grandparents? Children? Most of the maids don't want to take care of the elderlies. So make sure you get to inform them/agents what kind of service you're looking for.

3. You'd probably want to choose based on where they come from.

I suggest that the best maids are from Cambodia.

Although the language is a problem (many of them speak MINIMAL English), they are very patient and very moderate. Sometimes they may ask you to give them note books to write on and picture books to read and learn English. But these aren't a lot to ask for. Please do this for them.

However, it isn't as easy to get Cambodian maids due to immigration policy changes.

Maids from some other countries can be either fking stupid or fking egoistic.

Lately, there's a big stream of maids from Kupang, Indonesia. I'd say be more careful than usual.

4. How much salary are you offering?

Be mindful: however much salary you're offering isn't going to change the quality of maid. It's just gonna be the same. It's usually due to the different rates charged by the agencies because the agents usually take a few months of salary worth from your maid.

5. What is near your house?

If you have mamak stalls near your house, your maid is probably gonna run away with the mamak stall roti canai makers.

If you have 7-11 around, your maid may help her boyfriend to buy cigarette there LOL wtf.

If your neighbours have maids from the country, they probably are gonna plot a runaway together. So be mindful.

6. Look at the profile photos properly before hiring the maids

I have so many maids who claimed that they are 18-21 years old on their profiles but end up being 13 years old when they arrive at our home LOL HOW DO YOU GET 7 YEARS YOUNGER OVERNIGHT fking agency lying sorcery.

MANY agents actually LIE. The only way you get to guess the maids' ages is looking at their photos. So make sure you have a good look.

7. Should I give her a handphone?

If she never asks for it, DON'T.

If she ever does, make sure she gets it with her own money. Because if she wants to go for good phones which are gonna cost about 2k, she would re-consider the value of the phone compared to her accumulated salary. NEVER get any package signed under your name.

Let's hope that she doesn't know the existence of data package, or your wifi password.

8. Ensure that your maid and your family know who they are, and what they should do.

Maid is maid. Job is job. You must have heard of those stories about how the maids become pregnant then apparently the father of her child is either your kids or your husband. Never let that happen.

Talk to your kids about their future. Of what they should be and how they have to do to achieve their dream. Tell them that they should never let the little temptations get in the way. Of course la I'm not telling you to tell them to rape the maid. Don't say it so obviously la hahahah wtf. Drop them hints, if they are mature enough, they will know how important this is.

As to your husband, divorce him and take his money. Cheaters are not worth keeping. What more stupid cheaters?

9. If you really decide to hire one, make sure you communicate with your children.

Tell them how important it is to report what the maid has said and done to you. It's detrimental to ensure that your children are not treated abusively. Talk to your maid calmly when your child reported that she did something wrong. Tell her that you can understand it from her point of view. Tell her that you made the same mistake in the past too. Tell her that it's okay as long as she stopped doing the wrong things. Remind her that she has family back at home and let her sense of responsibility kicks in, this will make her want to be better on her own will. Don't talk to her with the authoritative manner like I'm your boss la listen to everything I say because she most probably gonna take it out on your children when you're not home.

Remember that maids are human and they have rights too. Don't deny them things that they deserve :)

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