Saturday, 20 December 2014

6 Reasons Why You Must Watch The Hobbit

Hobbit is finally up in the theatre!! Well I like LOTR but am not exactly a super fan, which makes my opinions here totally unbiased hhahahaha wtf!

Here's 6 reasons why you HAVE to watch The Hobbit!

1. You don't have to know the plot to watch it. 

Which was exactly what happened during our movie session. When Bilbo put on the ring to get invisible, I heard a friend asking what is that ring WTF the whole LOTR and Hobbit movies are centered around that freaking ring LOL I was almost tempted to say it's a Tiffany engagement ring made of gold.

So remember, you don't have to know any shit to watch The Hobbit, or LOTR. Just like Isaac my friend!

2. The graphic is sick
Salute these actors when they went like OMG THIS PLACE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THE WATERFALL SPARKLES when all they see is green screen hahahaha wtf.

Before the movie was done making, all orcs and goblins were just a pile of 3D grey muds. Wicked graphic. Stunning us audience since 2001. 

3. Because this guy is more beautiful than you.
What is his name? Fking prettier than you. He's a constant reminder to me that humans are fugly. No plastic surgeries can save us. 

4. Because Legolas defies gravity in 100 scenes in Hobbit.

Legolas just seemed to be flying and doing chinese kungfu jumping shit in the movie wtf. The movie should be named The Hobbit: The Battle of the Chinese Armies.

Legolas be like gravity whatttt is that? Can eat one ah?

4. Because I have no idea what Gandalf is doing in this Hobbit.

We'll give him a break. He's an old man.

5. All the good-looking dwarves died. 

Which is a pity because we know most dwarves are not as beautiful as the shiny elves.

Anyway the prettier dwarves (spoiler) died. Left with those weird dwarves who have braids around their beards wtf.

6. Because Benedict Cumberbatch is the dragon!!!

Just a sneak peek of how your super cool Sherlock looks like as a dragon hahahahahahaah wtf

Of course you're fire. Looking good :D

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