Thursday, 13 November 2014

Things Arvin and Jane say #5 : You're My Dementor

I lost my favourite earrings again. The ones Uncle Philip from London gave me.

This isn't the first time I lose them. The last time I lost them, I dropped them in a salon in an evening. When I realised, the salon was closed already. After calling and harrassing the hairstyles 300 times on the phone, they agreed to help me look for them and they did LOL wtf.

Then once in a while, I would drop them somewhere occasionally and with numerous prayers that followed (I'm never religious until I need something LOL sinful), I somehow always managed to get them back. 

Until 2 days ago.

I took off my earrings and I wanted to put them in the toilet(usual spot) but I was too lazy to walk from my bed to the toilet. So I told myself I needa put them at somewhere safe (so I won't forget them) and I did put them at somewhere safe. But the "somewhere" was so safe that even I myself can't remember where it is now LOLOL wtf.

By the way, I'm always a very careless person. I fall down for no reason and I always lose my stuffs. Here was what happened yesterday. 

After the premiere of Big Hero 6 movie yesterday, Arvin and I went for supper. I left my phone in the car (as usual) but I forgot that I did wtf. So after dinner I realise that I couldn't find my phone in my purse and I started looking for my phone frantically like gonna flip the car or something.

Arvin: Okay I think I better call your phone.

Me: Nono I put it in silent mode since the movie.

Arvin: Huh? You didn't change back to normal ah?

Me: ZZ just go help me find in the restaurant.

So Arvin went into the restaurant and I was still flipping my car over. After about 2 minutes Arvin was back, when I was half whimpering already.

Arvin: Ok la I will try to call ba.

Suddenly something flashed bright on my dashboard. WTF LOL turns out my phone was so black it blended into the colour of my car's dashboard LOLOL =_= this is my fault totally. I immediately hid my face sheepishly away from him.

Arvin: OMG Jane you noob crap. It's just here LOL. You're sent here to SUCK MA SOUL. You're just like my mum. Got once my mum's car couldn't start and she called my dad to scold him because he forgot to service her car earlier in the week. My dad was in the middle of his work and he was so busy and he was so apologetic thinking that it's his fault because he was lazy. Then he rushed to my mum to get the car for repair. Then when he was there, turned out the car's gear was at Neutral instead of P that's why couldn't start LOLOL wtf right. Then my dad said to my mum you're here to suck my soul HAHAHA

Me: whaaaattt? *sheepish* hate u!!

Arvin: You're like the dementor from Harry Potter to suck my soul wtf bla bla..

Then my face turned blacker and blacker and I started feeling annoyed already. I think Arvin saw my face so he tried hard for a cover-up.

Arvin: OMG then I need to do a expecto patronum to get rid of you la so I won't die. So I need to think of a very very happy memory which is all the time we spent together LOL

I still had a pissed-off face. 

Arvin: Weyh baby, you do realise that was a pick-up line right?

Me: Oh whattt? *immediately brightens up* OMG yes yes hahahaha wtf

I guess all my life I can fall down how many times I want, misplace how many things, as long as I don't lose my guy :)