Sunday, 19 October 2014

Things Arvin and Jane says #3: The Baarrrrr Joke

Haih, I previously had a Things Arvin and Jane says #3 already but I decided to take it down. :) It was about us splitting but the end of the story was, we didn't. 
Back to the #3. I made up some impromptu lame jokes to annoy Arvin.

Me: Do you know how to call the person who owns the bar?

Arvin: The Barman.

Me: No, The person who owns the bar is the Bar-rister. (doesn't make any sense)
Me: Do you know how to call it when someone gets injured in the bar?

Arvin: Whatt?

Me: The Bar-tender. HAHAHA

Arvin: ZZZ.

Me: Do you know what the profit of a bar makes is called? Bar-Gain HAHAH WTF

Arvin: -_- okay okay enough.

Me: Come let's having a rolling contest. *intend to roll away from him on the floor*

Arvin: ehhh baby don't roll away from me.

Me: I was just joking about rolling away la. Because J.K. Rowling HAHAHAHA!!!

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