Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Something Ironic

I suddenly recalled that when I was China, this was everywhere.


Banners like this are EVERYWHERE! On the bridge, outside buildings, on newspaper headlines. Even in front of TOILETS!

The banner says: 富强(weatlhy & strong), 民主(democractic),文明(civilised), 和谐(peaceful),自由(free),平等(equal),公正(justice) etc etc.

Among which, 民主(democractic) amazes me the most.

First of all, there's no public election in China. And then, police are the most superior individuals in the hierarchy of the community.

Those aside, it's frightening to see how well the Chinese government controls the people. 20140726_161838_1

Chen Guang Cheng is a human right acitivist in China and extremely famous on the international platform. He was under house arrest, and his family is still under governal surveillance until now.

I asked around whether anyone had heard of him. Not one knew.
Not a single Chinese knew this person who has been fighting for their rights for so long.

It's scary how much government is hiding away from them. But they think even with the internet blocking walls, they still know nothing short compared to every one else.IMG_7515

Of course, Chinese government can do whatever they want.
But I realise how scary it can be, being blinded from facts, yet never knowing that we are.

Political transparency is extremely essential for nations' peace.


  1. I wonder if people even pay attention to those banners. Like they are just there for show, and truly it only contributes to people's cynicism and apolotical attitudes. Barring places like Hong Kong, of course, to me most people in China seem more apolitcal than controlled...

  2. I think people do. At least backpackers like me, who spend nearly the whole summer there. Besides, I think these banners are extremely useful in a psychological way. The more the citizens read them, the more imprinted those propagandas are in their mind, well that's if they know little and are olivious to how people from other countries think about this. In my opinion, China is for now, the most political country I've ever been to. The political hierarchy is extremely obvious, even among youngsters and friends. Or maybe this is just the circle I was in. Pros and Cons i guess... :) We should all travel to China. It forms an amazingly different and interesting nation and society that no other country does.