Sunday, 19 October 2014

Overview of The Week


Went for the premiere of the Book of Life. AWESOMESHITZ movie.
Fought with Arvin.

Still argueing with Arvin

Joshua's birthday bash at midnight. Tied him up and threw him into his own car trunk wtf.
I seriously think that Joshua has a tendency of liking SM. When we informed him that we were gonna tie him up, he be like, "OMG serioussslyy *excited wink wink*". 

We brought him in his own trunk hahahah to the park and people gathered to start throwing water balloons on him. I think he was enjoying all the attention. 

Luna Bar with a Groupon voucher of RM45 for 3 drinks. HEHE cheapskate bf knows what's great and cheap. The view was amazingly crazier than Helilounge!

OMG I gained 8kg and my face is so rooounndd -_- wtf wtf

Just as I was looking for KL Tower, I realised that it's RIGHT BESIDE US WTF hahah -_-

Eventually, it was a good night with my best friend trying to make up for everything :)

Saturday flew by too quickly. I'm addicted to House of Cards now. 

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