Friday, 10 October 2014

My Neighbour's Dog

My neighbour has this really cute dog that looks awkward all the time. I call him The White Dog because we never bother giving him a name -_- Don't even know whether it's a boy or girl so we just assume it's a guy.

White isn't a toy dog obviously. He is also the most useless guard dog ever because every time he sees a stranger he runs away.

On the average days, Arvin would occassionally buy some hams or sausages to feed White. Initially White would stand as far as he could from us. We always had to wave the food in front of him for a while before he came closer.

After a while, I think White realises that Arvin + Jane= Food so nowadays this fellow just comes running towards us. After feeding, he would lick our hands affectionately and we would go AWWW at him.

I mean a dog is licking you he's saying I love you and your food please feed me everyday. Okay la I know the dog is just using us but who cares? THAT DOG IS EATING OUR FOOD HEHHH.

But nowadays we have serious issues with that dog.

One fine day after feeding him, we saw White was f***ing eating his own shit. The shit is as fresh as NEW.


For the next 3 days I was wondering whether I would get rabies or not...

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