Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Moving on from Wordpress

Today, I officially moved from to here, The Running Walker.
And I'm feeling pretty melancholic now, to leave wordpress, my whole world, behind.

Frankly, I have been planning to move to bloggers for quite some time already. I know for a fact that bloggers are much more user-friendly compared to wordpress. Nonetheless, I stayed with wordpress for such a long time because I felt as if I had already built my page of private literature in wordpress. I had my little world back there.

I remember how every weekend I would sit down quietly writing an entry (or trying to) in wordpress. Sometimes when I am free I would go on wordpress just to check my readership stats. The funniest is when sometimes I even feel shy to read my own blog cos' at times I sound really DUMB to myself HAHAHA!

So what was the trigger that make me finally move to bloggers?

Simply because I have friends who are earning a fortune from bloggers hahahahaha! *DONT JUDGE ME*

Anyway thank you bloggers, for enabling me to export my entries from wordpress. I wouldn't have moved to bloggers if it wasn't for this.

So from today onwards, you will see me writing things here. Everything, mostly travellings though.

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