Monday, 6 October 2014

20+2 Facts About Me

1. The first time I ate a chewing gum was when I was already 14 because when I was little, my mum told me that if I eat a chewing gum, the gum would get stuck to my butthole and I cannot shit.

2. I still don't know why I eventually decided to study Medicine over Engineering, which I love more. But medicine isn't too bad laa :)

3. I don't know how to selfie properly but I put selfies here hahaha iront to the max WTH

4. Totally not racist but I have always wanted a Chinese handsome buff guy.

5. But I end up with this Indian who is also my best friend FML
6. Crazy traveller, been to quite many places in the world but my ultimate destinations are Brazil to see the drug dealers, South Africa to run along with lions, Icelands for volcanoes, Finland for aurora during winter and Greece for the beautiful mythic history! :) Anyone wanna sponsor me for my trip? I will write extraordinarily COMPLIMENTARY reviews hahahaha I will be eternally grateful wth
7. I have ZERO savings because I spend all on travelling.

8. I always borrow money from Arvin. I owed him RM 1800.

9. I always want to spend time with my friends as I value them a lot but I prefer being alone and stoning

10. At times I'm a great talker and the smoothest social butterfly, at times I'm just that geeky awkward girl from your high school. 
11. Biggest advocate of equality of genders, race etc and say NO to discrimination!

12. Biggest feminist in town but I always force Arvin to clean the floor and wash the dish hahaha I'm a hypocrite.

13. I have the craziest PMS every month. My friends can't take shits from me anymore HAHAHA.
14. I never study but when I do, I freak myself out. Most of the times I'm amazed by how smart I am to be able to study 2 weeks before the finals and still score a creepily managable good result...

15. My family and I are all akward people and taking photos with them actually feels unusually weird. Nonetheless, I love them all alot and I always give all my scholarship allowance to my mum.
16. I know I can do so many better things for the world than just being a regular doctor. I have so much more to offer. I want to leave a legacy for my children. 

17. I was a stage performer and I gave talks with so many people asking for my name card. WAH I sound like I'm boasting here hahaha but that one thing people don't know is that I still have TERRIBLE stage fright!
18. I used to lie a lot because I was darn INSECURE but I grew out of it and now I become a very very honest person who care little about social definition of character and social pressure and sometimes I think I'm just overly confident and too comfortable I don't care about any shit hahaha!

19. I'm a HUGE music lover! Listen to all kinds of genres but my favourite is ROCK!

20. I make many life-long great friends in LIAMST!, college, university and in China. If you're my blog reader, thank you so much for reading my blog! Even if you're just a friend on FB, I always read your posts because I'm such a stalker hahah and I know your posts have inspired me in some ways. Each of you has brought me joy or taught me a lesson and you shape me to be who I am today and I love the person I am now. Thank you everyone in my life. Even if I don't really chat or talk to you (because I loe my personal space and time), just know that I appreciate you all a lot!
21. I am technically an atheist/agnostic. I believe in a God I have in heart. He may be just a figure of me chasing for perfection. He may be just a shadow I'm going after. Either ways, I think He might be Jesus. For now, I'm very happy with the way I am and pleaasssee don't try to convert me okay!

Transmission ends.

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