Sunday, 19 October 2014

Overview of The Week


Went for the premiere of the Book of Life. AWESOMESHITZ movie.
Fought with Arvin.

Still argueing with Arvin

Joshua's birthday bash at midnight. Tied him up and threw him into his own car trunk wtf.
I seriously think that Joshua has a tendency of liking SM. When we informed him that we were gonna tie him up, he be like, "OMG serioussslyy *excited wink wink*". 

We brought him in his own trunk hahahah to the park and people gathered to start throwing water balloons on him. I think he was enjoying all the attention. 

Luna Bar with a Groupon voucher of RM45 for 3 drinks. HEHE cheapskate bf knows what's great and cheap. The view was amazingly crazier than Helilounge!

OMG I gained 8kg and my face is so rooounndd -_- wtf wtf

Just as I was looking for KL Tower, I realised that it's RIGHT BESIDE US WTF hahah -_-

Eventually, it was a good night with my best friend trying to make up for everything :)

Saturday flew by too quickly. I'm addicted to House of Cards now. 

Things Arvin and Jane says #4: Banana Boat

This was way back in June when we went to Langkawi with a bunch of friends. #4 wasn't exactly just about Arvin and I.

This is how playing charades with the bunch was like:

Vish: Banana boat.

I was supposed to describe the words with just actions, to Joshua and Arvin. My mind blanked out. Then out of a sudden I saw Arvin waiting for my action and an idea sprang out.

Me: *point finger at Arvin's pants at his groin part * *peel an invisible banana* *fell onto the floor*

Arvin & Joshua: BANANA BOAT!


Things Arvin and Jane says #3: The Baarrrrr Joke

Haih, I previously had a Things Arvin and Jane says #3 already but I decided to take it down. :) It was about us splitting but the end of the story was, we didn't. 
Back to the #3. I made up some impromptu lame jokes to annoy Arvin.

Me: Do you know how to call the person who owns the bar?

Arvin: The Barman.

Me: No, The person who owns the bar is the Bar-rister. (doesn't make any sense)
Me: Do you know how to call it when someone gets injured in the bar?

Arvin: Whatt?

Me: The Bar-tender. HAHAHA

Arvin: ZZZ.

Me: Do you know what the profit of a bar makes is called? Bar-Gain HAHAH WTF

Arvin: -_- okay okay enough.

Me: Come let's having a rolling contest. *intend to roll away from him on the floor*

Arvin: ehhh baby don't roll away from me.

Me: I was just joking about rolling away la. Because J.K. Rowling HAHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

More Than Just An Idol

Without pain, there would be no suffering, without suffering we would never learn from our mistakes. To make it right, pain and suffering is the key to all windows, without it, there would be no life.  - Angelina Jolie
Since young, when I was like 9 years old, I started reading newspaper. That's how I first saw Angelina Jolie's photo on headlines, something about her getting selected as the World Sexiest Woman.

I was like walao this woman so ugly lips so droopy and thick also get to be among the finalists ah?! -_-

Forgive me, but in the sense of the Chinese tradition, thick lips are never in favour. We all like the girls with moderately big eyes and peachy little mouth to kiss HAHA. For us Angelina Jolie's lips are sooo auntie (means old woman who only cooks at home).

But then as I grow up, I learned more about Angelina Jolie and I think, I love her.

Here's a woman who is strong and bold. Jolie isn't afraid of being wrong. Jolie isn't afraid to love. People say Jolie is crazy, Jolie is mad. Jolie is a marriage wrecker. Jolie is creepy, Jolie loves knives, Jolie is full of tattoos.

But all what I see is a woman, who knows what she's doing.

I think most of us women, if not all, would have gone through a phase or a period which, when we look back, we didn't know what we were doing.

For example: ME. I don't why I got together with my ex-boyfriend when I knew all along that we wouldn't work out. I don't know why I binge-drank so much that every night I puked and there went my singing voice. I don't know why I bought dresses that I don't wear. I don't know why I don't want to work hard when at the same time, I want to.

I don't know why I choose the path of life that I have chosen now.

Angelina Jolie once said.
Make bold choices and make mistakes. It's all those things that add up to the person you become. 
Of course, I know that this wisdom comes with age. I am sure Angelina Jolie had gone through the same phase at some points in her life too.

But what I admire both Angelina Jolie and I, have the courage to do whatever we did and how these mistakes, or simply, what we did, have changed us for the better. HAHAH I sound so haolian wtf-_-
One of the reasons I feel connected to Angelina Jolie is that, if you read my blog, you probably have known by now that I'm passionate about humanity and humanitarian work and I hope to do great things to change the world (although I'm so lazy I haven't done any shit in my life HAHA wtf).

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, I knew I was a little different since young. I told my mother about my ideas of how the world should be. I asked after the maid left, why, as the only girl in my family, I had to do most of the houseworks. I asked why I wasn't allowed to chase after the robber who just robbed the girl beside me. I now understand the society works this way. It sets like a million boundaries. The problem with these boundaries is that, they are invisible. It's totally not taught, certainly not written but we are expected to follow them. They form a vicious cycle of comformity. It tells us if you break the rule, you look like a fool. You break the norm, you look like a fool, you're out of the circles.

Essentially, it tells you to follow the crowd. Don't be any different. Don't help that injured girl by the street. Don't argue when your teacher feeds you bullshit. Don't talk to the guy who's all ready to jump down from the bridge to die. Listen to your parents. Listen to the society. Listen to them even if you know they are going to limit your potential in life. Go to work after graduating from university. Don't take a gap year. Earn some money. Get loans to buy a house so you can get married. Must have children before your uterus gets old and dusty. Get old.

Then get lost as you realise that your whole direction of life IS NOT THE WAY YOU'VE INITIALLY WANTED IT TO BE!

This is something that we have taken for granted. We live under this silent oppression, this quiet pressure for so long that we forgot to break free. We FORGOT how we should have been like. Ultimately, we forgot what we really want out of life.

But then Angelina Jolie said.
If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I'm not frigthened by anyone's perception of me. 
This is something all of us have fogotten: don't be afraid to make mistakes. Just keep going on. Don't be intimidated by others' opinions. Always be clear with what you want out of life.

So, thank you, Angelina Jolie. For being the most amazingly eccentric celebrity in the world. Your works have touched millions of life. We read news about you everyday. You educate us, and you have helped to shape who I am today, you taught me that being a woman is never a disadvantage, but a gift of sensuality and emotions. You allow me to empower my gender.

You teach me to be compassionate, and be bold and brave.

Thank you for showing us the real Cambodia and helping the Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Thank you for fronting campaigns against sexual violence. Thank you for every humanitiarian work that you've done. I thank you on behalf of everyone who reads this entry :)

Until today I still don't think Angelina Jolie is pretty. But she is BEAUTIFUL.

This is what Hollywood should be all about. Entertaining and educating.

Post-note: do you know that Angelina Jolie has 3 nationalities?! She could even fly a plane WTF! Check out here to know more weird facts about Angelina Jolie!

Friday, 10 October 2014

Things Arvin and Jane say #2: Wait first lah!

The conversation happened when we were chatting.

Me: Eh go and read my blog now.

Arvin: Z I read tomorrow. I go pee first.

Me: ZZZZZ so next time when you wanna kiss me, I will say, "We do it tomorrow. Let me go poop first. "

Arvin: HAHAHAH!! Don't la like this! I love you!

For one year he's been doing the "Good morning beautiful" thing even until today. For one year he's been tidying my bed and picking up the mess I make. For one year he's been making me laugh like crazy and never missing a day. Best Indian ever! :P

My Neighbour's Dog

My neighbour has this really cute dog that looks awkward all the time. I call him The White Dog because we never bother giving him a name -_- Don't even know whether it's a boy or girl so we just assume it's a guy.

White isn't a toy dog obviously. He is also the most useless guard dog ever because every time he sees a stranger he runs away.

On the average days, Arvin would occassionally buy some hams or sausages to feed White. Initially White would stand as far as he could from us. We always had to wave the food in front of him for a while before he came closer.

After a while, I think White realises that Arvin + Jane= Food so nowadays this fellow just comes running towards us. After feeding, he would lick our hands affectionately and we would go AWWW at him.

I mean a dog is licking you he's saying I love you and your food please feed me everyday. Okay la I know the dog is just using us but who cares? THAT DOG IS EATING OUR FOOD HEHHH.

But nowadays we have serious issues with that dog.

One fine day after feeding him, we saw White was f***ing eating his own shit. The shit is as fresh as NEW.


For the next 3 days I was wondering whether I would get rabies or not...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Things Arvin and Jane Say #1: Fart like Flower

Cos' Timothy Tiah and Shorty are my idols so I think Imma make one -_-

Before #1, here's a dumb-faced photo of us.


I was having some abdomen discomfort last month so I kept passing wind *cough*. While in the room...

*Silent fart*

Arvin: OHMAIGOD did you fart again?! *wave hand to clear air* so freaking smelly ARGGHH!

Me: ZZZ farts are naturally smelly wad PLUS I'm sick okay! Shit you terrible boyfriend AHH! *roll eyes angrily*

Arvin: okay okay not smelly. Your fart smells like beautiful flower.


Monday, 6 October 2014

20+2 Facts About Me

1. The first time I ate a chewing gum was when I was already 14 because when I was little, my mum told me that if I eat a chewing gum, the gum would get stuck to my butthole and I cannot shit.

2. I still don't know why I eventually decided to study Medicine over Engineering, which I love more. But medicine isn't too bad laa :)

3. I don't know how to selfie properly but I put selfies here hahaha iront to the max WTH

4. Totally not racist but I have always wanted a Chinese handsome buff guy.

5. But I end up with this Indian who is also my best friend FML
6. Crazy traveller, been to quite many places in the world but my ultimate destinations are Brazil to see the drug dealers, South Africa to run along with lions, Icelands for volcanoes, Finland for aurora during winter and Greece for the beautiful mythic history! :) Anyone wanna sponsor me for my trip? I will write extraordinarily COMPLIMENTARY reviews hahahaha I will be eternally grateful wth
7. I have ZERO savings because I spend all on travelling.

8. I always borrow money from Arvin. I owed him RM 1800.

9. I always want to spend time with my friends as I value them a lot but I prefer being alone and stoning

10. At times I'm a great talker and the smoothest social butterfly, at times I'm just that geeky awkward girl from your high school. 
11. Biggest advocate of equality of genders, race etc and say NO to discrimination!

12. Biggest feminist in town but I always force Arvin to clean the floor and wash the dish hahaha I'm a hypocrite.

13. I have the craziest PMS every month. My friends can't take shits from me anymore HAHAHA.
14. I never study but when I do, I freak myself out. Most of the times I'm amazed by how smart I am to be able to study 2 weeks before the finals and still score a creepily managable good result...

15. My family and I are all akward people and taking photos with them actually feels unusually weird. Nonetheless, I love them all alot and I always give all my scholarship allowance to my mum.
16. I know I can do so many better things for the world than just being a regular doctor. I have so much more to offer. I want to leave a legacy for my children. 

17. I was a stage performer and I gave talks with so many people asking for my name card. WAH I sound like I'm boasting here hahaha but that one thing people don't know is that I still have TERRIBLE stage fright!
18. I used to lie a lot because I was darn INSECURE but I grew out of it and now I become a very very honest person who care little about social definition of character and social pressure and sometimes I think I'm just overly confident and too comfortable I don't care about any shit hahaha!

19. I'm a HUGE music lover! Listen to all kinds of genres but my favourite is ROCK!

20. I make many life-long great friends in LIAMST!, college, university and in China. If you're my blog reader, thank you so much for reading my blog! Even if you're just a friend on FB, I always read your posts because I'm such a stalker hahah and I know your posts have inspired me in some ways. Each of you has brought me joy or taught me a lesson and you shape me to be who I am today and I love the person I am now. Thank you everyone in my life. Even if I don't really chat or talk to you (because I loe my personal space and time), just know that I appreciate you all a lot!
21. I am technically an atheist/agnostic. I believe in a God I have in heart. He may be just a figure of me chasing for perfection. He may be just a shadow I'm going after. Either ways, I think He might be Jesus. For now, I'm very happy with the way I am and pleaasssee don't try to convert me okay!

Transmission ends.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


If we stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining us as what we are - we can all be freer and this is what heforshe is about. It is about freedom.
Emma Watson on heforshe did a great job on summing up what I have always wanted to say.

I am priviledged to grow up in a family where my parents love me as much as they love my brothers. Having said this, I come from a society where although economically and technologically advanced, girls are culturally assumed as the weaker gender.

When you switch on the TV, the local channels always show the father watching TV on the sofa, the brother playing a kite outside, the mum and sister cooking in the kitchen. 

When there's a divorce, the woman is always on the blame. If the woman cheated, of course she's shit. If the man cheated or marries a second woman, then people would think that the wife isn't doing a great job enough to keep the husband happy. Or maybe because the wife works and doesn't cook well. Or the wife isn't a pro on bed. Or the wife is just old etc etc. 

A good mother is the woman who stays home and cooks well. A good mother is the one who endured and stayed through the marriage even when the husband beats her up. A good mother is never the one who is courageous enough to leave the marriage to prevent the kids from growing up in violence.  

A good, marriable girl is the one who speaks sweetly, has zero opinions in life and stands zero stands in her points of view. A "bossy"/ bitchy girl is the one who speaks her mind and correct other's when they are wrong, who are bold and who take a firm stand on herself. 

Okay la not as bad as you think hahaha but the stereotype is there u see.

I think my thought on feminism all started on this fateful day when I was 15.

I was strolling along Petaling Street when a man about 30 years old came up to me and asked me "berapa u charging satu malam?". He meant how much do I charge for a night WTFFF!

Then I told a friend about this incident and she asked, "is it because you were wearing sexy stuff?" But I swear I still remember what I wore until today: a pair of long jeans and a T shirt.

As I grow up, I hear comments about myself that I'm easily bang-able just because I smile a lot at guys(I smile to everybody!!). I was called "slutty" because I like to wear dresses instead of wearing pants or wrapping myself up. I was called "bossy" and nasty because I wanted things to work smoothly and progressively, not just work in my way. 

As I grow up, I am labeled, "unfit to be a medical student" because my skirt is at knee-length instead of being longer, and I still have yet to find out how this is inappropriate. 

As I grow up, I hear people saying this girl that girl should be raped because she's wearing really sexy stuffs. I see news reporting women are raped because they aren't wearing tudongs. 

As I grow up, I see people regarding breasts as merely sexual objects instead of  essential reproductive and nurturing organs. As if the reason girls are raped because we have breasts. 

As I grow up, my girlfriends asked me to speak not too loudly because I would appear un-feminine.

As I grow up, my guy friends are being mocked at because they are not manly, very CC and girly etc etc and it makes them so depressed.
Feminism is equality. Feminism is empowering women. We want all women to gain equal access to education and opportunities in life. We want all women to have the same opportunities to be hired for a job as long as she is as capable as a man. 

Feminism is I do what I want with my body. Feminism is I decide what I want to wear, not you telling me what to wear. Feminism is even if I am topless, you have no rights to rape me because no crime should be justified just because I'm perceived as "weaker gender" which is less respected. . We want not just all men, but EVERYBODY, to know that although anatomically different, we should be respected as just another individual, instead of being categorised as males or females or other genders. 

If men or even us women don't know how to respect ourselves and our differences, if men keep categorizing us as women the weaker and less respectable gender, how are we able to go out jogging when we can't ensure our own safety from this problem which is not only a crime issue, but also a gender issue?
Feminism is to love a female friend as much as to love a male friend. Feminism is to protect a friend from being hurt when their identity is not acknowledged by others. We want all men and women to be free from gender stereotypes. We want all men and women to be free from the very distorted idea of how we should behave and dress up. Remember those men who are depressed because they are called un-manly.

How should being un-manly/ girly ever be the reason that they are discriminated?

If feminism is achieved, this would not happen. If feminism is achieved, getting called girly is just, getting called girly and nothing else.

But most of all, feminism is NOT man-hating! 
Feminism is merely, the movement and ideals of pushing the society towards a gender equitable culture!

People hold too many different interpretations of feminism. But feminism is in no way, man-bashing. We can still enjoy the very caring act of a man holding the door open for us, just like how we would hold the door open for the person behind us. Anyone should be able to do the same for each other. We still enjoy the very romantic act of our boyfriends giving us flowers on Valentine's day. We still say thankyous to all the well-mannered and nice guys, and girls!

Why should we hate men, when we are all gifts from God? If you're an atheist, why should we hate men, when we are all the same, just another living composed of similar DNA?

Both men and women can feel bold and strong. Both men and women can feel weak and sensitive. Who can say what is right and what is wrong about this?

To those who say feminism are not needed, remember your sisters who are selectively unhired for jobs not because they are incompetent, but because they are females. Remember all the women raped by men who use the excuse of "they don't cover fully and they are sinful so they deserve this" to escape punishment. 

Remember all the girls who are deprived of education just because they are girls. Remember all the girls who have to marry their rapists. Remember all the girls who are forced to marry at 10 years old. Remember all the girls who are neglected by their families just because no men wanted to marry them. Remember all the wives who are stoned to death just because they were raped but accused of adultery.

Remember how they died because nobody speaks out for them. Remember how they died because of your inaction. 


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Moving on from Wordpress

Today, I officially moved from to here, The Running Walker.
And I'm feeling pretty melancholic now, to leave wordpress, my whole world, behind.

Frankly, I have been planning to move to bloggers for quite some time already. I know for a fact that bloggers are much more user-friendly compared to wordpress. Nonetheless, I stayed with wordpress for such a long time because I felt as if I had already built my page of private literature in wordpress. I had my little world back there.

I remember how every weekend I would sit down quietly writing an entry (or trying to) in wordpress. Sometimes when I am free I would go on wordpress just to check my readership stats. The funniest is when sometimes I even feel shy to read my own blog cos' at times I sound really DUMB to myself HAHAHA!

So what was the trigger that make me finally move to bloggers?

Simply because I have friends who are earning a fortune from bloggers hahahahaha! *DONT JUDGE ME*

Anyway thank you bloggers, for enabling me to export my entries from wordpress. I wouldn't have moved to bloggers if it wasn't for this.

So from today onwards, you will see me writing things here. Everything, mostly travellings though.

Mongolians are crazy

I left from Beijing to Mongol all alone. Why?

照片 450

Because forever alone la wtf hahahahaha! Nah, I went alone because I decided to see for once, how much shits I can endure. Besides, most of the time I like being alone.

Then I encountered all sorts of insanity in Mongol.

The Mongolian culture is totally different from ours. They spit when they eat. They shout when they talk. They FIGHT when they disagree wtf. Whenever I take a cab, the drivers like to scrutinise me for half a minute silently, before asking me deadly where I want to go.

Soon, when I was in a grassland, the air was like !@#$%^&*() frozen. mmexport1412159434253
Then after I left to the desert, the air burns like !@#$%^&*() but nobody handled the heat as cool as I did, since I'm THAT kid from the tropical region!照片 514

Just when I thought there would no longer be any obstacles in my way, I bought the wrong train ticket back to Beijing.

Which means I would have to STAND for 10 hours on the train all the way back fml.

After just 30 minutes during the ride, I decided that my butt needed a rest so I sat on the floor. Then pity me gosh, because these chinese have no sense of public cleanliness and after only about an hour of the ride, the train was so full of trash already. (not generalizing the whole population though)

I guess I did my best to enjoy the trip back. IMG_2353

So anyway shitty challenges and loud, scary Mongolians aside, I had so much fun in Mongol. Mainly because everything was so CHEAP haha I'm such a cheapskate backpacker.

Mongolians are fierce, aggressive and loud. They seemed really dangerous at first. After opening up, I realise how easy it was to get close to them. They told me stories about their cultures. How they cook little vegetables because they seem to always burn them. How their ancestors had to survive with nothing but only sheeps and horses in the desert.

I felt warmth in the midst of all conversations.

Last but no least, let the photos do some talking.

Hobq Desert.IMG_2494

With Wu, whom I met and went travelling with, in Mongol.照片 399

Sand sliding is the best game ever!IMG_2517

Ulanqab Highland Grassland. IMG_7854


I still miss the feeling of running wild with the wind and chasing after time...

Something Ironic

I suddenly recalled that when I was China, this was everywhere.


Banners like this are EVERYWHERE! On the bridge, outside buildings, on newspaper headlines. Even in front of TOILETS!

The banner says: 富强(weatlhy & strong), 民主(democractic),文明(civilised), 和谐(peaceful),自由(free),平等(equal),公正(justice) etc etc.

Among which, 民主(democractic) amazes me the most.

First of all, there's no public election in China. And then, police are the most superior individuals in the hierarchy of the community.

Those aside, it's frightening to see how well the Chinese government controls the people. 20140726_161838_1

Chen Guang Cheng is a human right acitivist in China and extremely famous on the international platform. He was under house arrest, and his family is still under governal surveillance until now.

I asked around whether anyone had heard of him. Not one knew.
Not a single Chinese knew this person who has been fighting for their rights for so long.

It's scary how much government is hiding away from them. But they think even with the internet blocking walls, they still know nothing short compared to every one else.IMG_7515

Of course, Chinese government can do whatever they want.
But I realise how scary it can be, being blinded from facts, yet never knowing that we are.

Political transparency is extremely essential for nations' peace.