Sunday, 21 September 2014

Annual Dinner 2014

First, I don't know how I end up looking blue. I'm supposed to be GREEN - the Earth.IMG-20140913-WA0020-1

We took this photo with Arvin's Mi which is about 2 months old and since then, he's been promoting around as if Mi's paying him ambassador fees. But during the annual dinner we realise that Red Mi is apparently, COLOUR BLIND!

Anyway this is the way I looked like in reality. Only after heavy editings, that my true colour shows. All thanks go to Mi.
Please don't buy Mi everybody, despite how much Arvin advertises it.

This is the Perdana University-Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Annual Dinner of 2014. Frankly, because our school is so small, the student council president aka my best friend Kaveena and the team had an extremely tough time organising this event. As a new school, we wanted so badly to establish annual dinner as a traditional event which we do every year, right before the summer holiday begins. However, during the last semester, right before summer holiday, all the batches of students have exams on different periods. So if we were to organise a dinner then, we had to wait for everyone to be done with exams first. By then, those done early had long gone home already.

Then when Kaveena tried to have it done in September, when school just restarts, many turned down the invitations. Some because they think the ticket was expensive, some were new students who weren't too interested, some didn't manage to get through with the exams last year so they had to repeat the year, and had no mood to see their old fellows in an awkward positions. Either ways, from about 260 students, only about 100 bought the ticket initially. After a lot of hard efforts and rantings from Kaveena, many eventually turn up. We had at least 150 in the ballroom! :)

Kaveena looked so gorgeous that night that, I had to share the Best Dressed Award with her like hahaha WTF ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!10648263_10203872074695253_2976247902366509_o
Hahahaha just kidding! I am happy we got it together. It would be so awkward to stand alone on the stage. I have stage fright WTF.

On the other hand, I'm trying to imitate all the bimbo girl bloggers out there who post #OOTD everyday, by showing every detail of what I wore that night.IMAG5089-1
Flower Statement Necklace(?) with weird stones, which I bought from a nameless mini stall for RM45. Together with my usual handicapped yet the most gorgeous and precious earrings given by Uncle Philip during my stay in London a couple of years ago.

Meanwhile, I bought my dark green dress in China for RMB350 (RM180) at a supplying market in Beijing. And oh, I had like minimal makeups on because I just suck at this.

Watch our for my flat asian eyes LOL WTF!IMG-20140913-WA0032-1

I really loved this green dress that I bought coz IT'S STRAPLESS! Got to show my boobies hahaha! But one problem I always have is WTF HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WEAR BRA!? Thanks to Kaveena, I learned about the magic of Silicon bra last year! But gosh, until now I still have trouble trying to stick them onto my boobs and keep them there for the whole night. It just feels so... unsafe, as if my boobs are gonna fall out of the dress any time.

Well, glad they didn't for that night! Yayyyss WTF hahahah!

Of course, we had lots of fun that night. The food was surprisingly delicious!

Well, maybe not so much of a surprise for others. But I just recently returned from a medical conference that serves like THE WORST BUFFET EVER! The scariest part is, they serve buffet EVERY MEAL, for 4 DAYS IN A ROW. I kind of developed this buffeto-phobia and the fear only resolved after attending the annual dinner.

Of course, as usual, the greatest part is the friends. 906374_10203871947692078_5867265065791299345_o

Frankly, I was so nervous about the annual dinner because I felt like my dress was too plain. I am too used to dressing up extremely glittery and exotic when I want to be the center of attention. I was so nervous I got diarrhea like WTF girls stay in toilet to get ready I stay in toilet to poop water out hahahahha!! After a while Arvin just sort of half calm-me-down half forced me to the dinner. 10708762_10203871968812606_1271703062561819034_o

When we first arrived, Arvin and I had a moment of consideration on who we should sit with. Then because the ballroom was so small, we spotted Joshua right away and we joined him and Mikella as usual. Then he was like in this super excited tone, "OMG WE GONNA KEEP THIS TABLE FOR ALL THE COUPLES!"

Like seriously man, our table soon became the most gossiped issue that night because like ALL THE COUPLES SIT HERE! It was so awkward when we pulled all the other couples who arrived later to our tables and all of us just exchanged glances of instant understanding hahahhaha oooo so this is the couple table.

Soon I think we all realised that it's so much fun sitting with awkward couples, we starting taking photos together like wtff hahahahahaha awkward max!


As if this wasn't enough. We needed some drama.Screenshot_2014-09-22-03-00-59-1
Okay I know there's nothing to compare but please, Arvin and I just win big time okay! Even the way we got together is just super dramatic! And this is a story for the next time! ;)

After some food and this and that, it was time to give the Best Dressed Awards. Annual Dinner 2014 went by the theme of Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. Well I know the idea isn't that original, it totally came from the Legend of Korra and The Airbender WTF hahaha!

Anyway, Joshua won the Best Dressed Award for Water like WTF LOL!10443283_10203872059534874_6734816179467867146_o

I mean of course, he shared the award with someone else who obviously look more water hahaha. Joshua was so full of shit that night he didn't even wear a belt. But I guess his popularity and lameness got him famous and there!

And then there's me and Kaveena for the Best Dressed Earth!10620001_10203872071775180_9083157551220206651_o
That's Dr. Frances Magh who is extremely gorgeous, stylish, and looks exactly like the Irish version of Helen Mirren.

Gosh I obviously need to cut down on my bimbo expressions!10661902_10203872076615301_5875846344206717755_o

Soon the dance floor opened. As usual, every photo-sensitive human rushed to the sight of camera.

I danced and danced(jumped) and my self-styled hair just fell because it was tied without quality WTF hahahahaha!

This is Suria, who is one of the nicest and wonderfully helpful classmate of mine. I seriously think he would be some big shot in the medical field in 30 years time. So anyone who are looking for free consultation in the future, make sure you treat me good okay I will help get Suria for you WTF ahhahahaha!10321149_10203872133896733_4639016205046710385_o

The dance floor wrapped the night up beautifully. Here are some more photos before I sign off the post. 10608452_10203872138056837_2682699660601055090_o

With my significant other 4. 10575209_10203871948572100_1081299796599117986_o


Couple photos again! Please, couples can never be overrated hahah!Screenshot_2014-09-22-03-00-47-1

To us medical students, an Annual dinner event is never just an annual dinner. It is a time when everybody can throw books and pressure behind our ass and appreciate how wonderful we can be when we leave the stress aside. It was a time to leave our masks and competitions, the worries about patients' recovery and the pressure of studies, all the coffees and sleepless nights, just for a day of burdenfree joy.

IMG_20140913_164706-1And then after only this one night, we are back to the old world of the battle with knowledge and struggles. Classes restarted 2 weeks ago.

#nowplaying I wish I could wake up with amnesia.