Monday, 25 August 2014

Switzerland Seriously

I gotta say Europeans love their rules. And their ironies.

IMG_3166Initially I felt a little discomfort at my lower abdomen but I just didn't take note of it. Then as time passes I realised that something wasn't right.

I guess I just totally didn't expect it when my bloody friend paid a visit. She was literally bloody.

Got off the bus at a rest stop to grab something to eat and of course, for the toilet for emergency purpose. I was counting on the rest stop to have a convenience store or just a vending machine or something. I finally found one in the toilet! Faith in humanity restored!IMG_3544

The only words I spotted at that moment of dire need were: Body CLEAN! Gotta be tampons or sanitary pads oh Amen!

Then I realised...


Not like I need any of this during my period.

On a side note, it's good to know that Swiss women love doing it in public washrooms.

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  1. Haha! Basic necessities in life for them, I guess..