Monday, 25 August 2014

Alex Goot and Against The Current Live in KL 2014

Annndd, we are going for Alex Goot and Against The Current Live in KL 2014!10603465_10152593240421390_8686984328968355229_nIt's free! Got these 2 tickets during #NNraya thanks to Nuffnang, and ourselves for being desperate and jumping to competitions!

And then Wowbooth is there again! Still free so we went for it again!IMG_7869

To be honest, Alex Goot was great but a little boring. I think everybody went crazy when he started the piano tune of "A Thousand Miles". I like his geeky glasses though. Always have a thing for geeks, especially music geeks or science geeks like SHELDONNN!photo-mainAnd I think his cover of One Republic's Love Runs Out was awesome!

I initially didn't know what song it was but I had heard of it a few times on radio so I can remember the tune vaguely. After my tone-deaf boyfriend went searching on Spotify over 100 songs, Arvin finally found it. That song shouts SWAGGG!

against-the-currentChrissy Costanza, on the other hand, was the BOMB for the night! Her hotness aside(which can turn us into lesbians), her stage energy brings all the boys to the yard. And girls. Just when Chrissy went onto the stage, someone threw a black bra up to her. Shit man I also want a bra as a gift.

BUT BUT BUT what kept me remain at the concert till the end was Will the ATC drummer! chrissyYea he's the guy drumming behind Chrissy!

When Alex Goot was playing the keyboard, I was only watching Will at the back like WTF MY OVARIES ARE GONNA BURST WTF

Especially that moment when he raised his hands real up in the air before hitting on the drums. I saw muscles and thick armpit hair but shit he's goddamn sexy! After a bra was thrown onto the stage, another red underwear went up too. Chrissy was like OMG was this new or worn haha! Someone shouted it's new and Will just took it and put it on his head drumming LOL!10414410_10152595312766390_8744682571018699024_nOkay, maybe it's not Alex Goot that was boring. I think I just spent my whole time staring at Will and his drumSTICK LOL! But then oh goodness my ovaries my ovaries...

#nowplaying ain't it fun ain't it fun ain't it fun?

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