Monday, 25 August 2014

Switzerland Seriously

I gotta say Europeans love their rules. And their ironies.

IMG_3166Initially I felt a little discomfort at my lower abdomen but I just didn't take note of it. Then as time passes I realised that something wasn't right.

I guess I just totally didn't expect it when my bloody friend paid a visit. She was literally bloody.

Got off the bus at a rest stop to grab something to eat and of course, for the toilet for emergency purpose. I was counting on the rest stop to have a convenience store or just a vending machine or something. I finally found one in the toilet! Faith in humanity restored!IMG_3544

The only words I spotted at that moment of dire need were: Body CLEAN! Gotta be tampons or sanitary pads oh Amen!

Then I realised...


Not like I need any of this during my period.

On a side note, it's good to know that Swiss women love doing it in public washrooms.

Alex Goot and Against The Current Live in KL 2014

Annndd, we are going for Alex Goot and Against The Current Live in KL 2014!10603465_10152593240421390_8686984328968355229_nIt's free! Got these 2 tickets during #NNraya thanks to Nuffnang, and ourselves for being desperate and jumping to competitions!

And then Wowbooth is there again! Still free so we went for it again!IMG_7869

To be honest, Alex Goot was great but a little boring. I think everybody went crazy when he started the piano tune of "A Thousand Miles". I like his geeky glasses though. Always have a thing for geeks, especially music geeks or science geeks like SHELDONNN!photo-mainAnd I think his cover of One Republic's Love Runs Out was awesome!

I initially didn't know what song it was but I had heard of it a few times on radio so I can remember the tune vaguely. After my tone-deaf boyfriend went searching on Spotify over 100 songs, Arvin finally found it. That song shouts SWAGGG!

against-the-currentChrissy Costanza, on the other hand, was the BOMB for the night! Her hotness aside(which can turn us into lesbians), her stage energy brings all the boys to the yard. And girls. Just when Chrissy went onto the stage, someone threw a black bra up to her. Shit man I also want a bra as a gift.

BUT BUT BUT what kept me remain at the concert till the end was Will the ATC drummer! chrissyYea he's the guy drumming behind Chrissy!

When Alex Goot was playing the keyboard, I was only watching Will at the back like WTF MY OVARIES ARE GONNA BURST WTF

Especially that moment when he raised his hands real up in the air before hitting on the drums. I saw muscles and thick armpit hair but shit he's goddamn sexy! After a bra was thrown onto the stage, another red underwear went up too. Chrissy was like OMG was this new or worn haha! Someone shouted it's new and Will just took it and put it on his head drumming LOL!10414410_10152595312766390_8744682571018699024_nOkay, maybe it's not Alex Goot that was boring. I think I just spent my whole time staring at Will and his drumSTICK LOL! But then oh goodness my ovaries my ovaries...

#nowplaying ain't it fun ain't it fun ain't it fun?

Nuffnang Raya Open House 2014

Attended Nuffnang Raya Open House because Arvin is such a kiasu who joins ALL the online competitions and he won 2 invitations to #NNRaya in Damansara.apiWell I gotta admit that Arvin is actually pretty good at this. He's been winning tons of movie  passes to premieres and some X-men jackets. As a cheapskate boyfriend, he's probably the happiest because he can bring me to movies without having to pay a single cent ALL the time! HAHA I'm the happy girlfriend thanks to Nuffnang!

IMG-20140824-WA0004I'm not much better as well. I am writing this post to win the Samsung Galaxy S5 that Nuffnang promised to award to the blogger who writes the best post about this event HAHA joking la! Of course not! The Raya Open House was so much fun okay, those who didn't go, rugi betul. Those who went home when it rained during the event, even more kesian, no chance for more lucky draws and buah hati to bring home!

Those loyal Nuffnang fans like ME stayed with Nuffnang till the end! *wink wink Nuffnang you can give us the S5*

IMG-20140824-WA0017Arvin was sad because the board words were written another round LOL

So first we took my car to Damansara looking for this place. During the journey we took a couple of wrong turns in Bangsar that led us... I don't even know whether these wrong turns led us away or nearer to the house. Anyway we persevered driving, we ain't no going home just like this because what to do? The event is free and WHO DOESN'T WANT FREE THINGS?!

When we reached, we went like "waalaaaoo". Wanaka the house is situated beautifully on top of a little hill where the fengshui is very good, which also means, I had to walk up the stairs in high heels. I remember cursing silently a little until I saw the board "JOM MAKAN" on top of the stairs. IMMEDIATELY my adrenaline burst and I ran up the stairs forgetting how my feet felt. Thank goodness, Arvin stopped me from running into the house right away, to take a photo of me THAT SHOWED NO TUMMY! Because without him, I would have gone into the house eating mad and had to take photos later with a bigger tummy (I kept my stomach empty for this don't judge me okay!)

IMG-20140824-WA0012At the beginning there wasn't much going on. Everybody was just lingering a little.

We first tried out the Wowbooth for instax photo because it's free LOL and we got to keep the photos! The girl was so nice to print 2 copies for Arvin and I thank yoouuu!IMG_7866

After registration, we started checking out the house.We went upstairs and found a little living hall with a little space with also a little piano by the side. A little paper stand on the piano writes something like bla bla take photo and insta with #ambipur #jomrefresh to get free goodies. 

Right when we saw this, Arvin went crazy with instructing me on how to pose with Ambi Pur because he's so despo to win FREE stuffs.

IMG-20140824-WA0016The message I was trying to convey was that even flowers need the fragrance of Ambi Pur because Ambi Pur smells the best. I sprayed Ambi Pur on the flower for so long but the photos just couldn't capture the spray droplets "flying"out. Besides, I looked so scary as if I was plotting the death of that poor flower. So this photo was an Epic faaaaill!

Then the ever so brilliant Arvin suddenly came up with the idea of a cheesy photo. The idea was soooooo cheesy that I was reluctant to go along with it at first. But meh within a minute I gave in to it because I WANT FREE AMBI PUR!!!

So we took this.IMG-20140824-WA0001Instagram: Why propose with a flower when you can propose with ambi pur #AmbiPur #JomRefresh 

LOL not boasting but I really think it's the best #AmbiPur photo on Instagram up to date!

Then the food was ready.IMG-20140824-WA0008Thanks to Nuffnang this is my FIRST time tasting Mille Crepe!!! YUMMMSSS! It has been really hard to find Mille Crepe because in Puchong, either Mille Crepe is always expensive or it just doesn't exist there! I have never expected my first taste of Mille Crepe would happen during a Nuffnang event haha! I can't even tell tiramisu and chocolate apart but they all taste so fine, like they just blend with my saliva and roll onto my tongue!

IMG-20140824-WA0010Om Nom Nom.

Mille Crepe was so kaolat yummy that when we realised that there were roasted mutton served, the queue was already sooo long! We immediately jumped into the queue to wait for our turn for a small portion of the whole roasted goat. After our first and second round of mutton, when we finally turned our head back to look for more roasted mutton... it was all GONE! That was how delicious the mutton was =.= everyone just went crazy for it. We didn't even get to take a photo.

Well, there were some bones left.. but T.T HOW TO EAT BONES U TELL ME? *emo in a corner*

Then as we were just strolling in the house... JENG JENG JENG!!!

IMG-20140825-WA0004We saw Timothy Tiah! And Shorty! And their son Fighter!

Timothy and Shorty look so young compared to their blog photos that they make Arvin and I look like their uncle aunty FML. Timothy was smiling all the way talking to people, while Arvin and I were like the timid curious little mice gossiping and stalking him visually from a corner!

On the other hand, Shorty looks like she just walks out from a Manga alive WTF her eyes took up about half of her face and she's like not even five feet tall like a doll SHE'S SHO CUTE! I thought that if I ever stand beside her I would look more like a mum WTF

I bet after a while both of them sensed our full-force stare of curiosity that when we finally approached Timothy for a photo, he was like "sure sure" so smoothly like he had been expecting us LOL he must have been thinking why these 2 jakuns keep molesting me with their eyes. I ran away after taking a photo of Arvin and Timothy because I'm such a noob fan girl =.= I mean, I bet he knows that I've been stalkin-- *cough* reading his blog for quite some time already judging how long I had been staring at them with my hamsap stare LOL

Anyway, I escaped for a good cause. In the house, a competition just started.10340126_10152595302646390_4737973823106943324_nIt is a game of 5 groups of 3 whereby there's a Jom Refresh Your Open House with Ambi Pur Showdown and the groups have to complete with each other. With Arvin and I making up 2 members, we immediately went looking for a partner and there we found Iskandar!

Somehow we got named 1Malaysia by the MC and we had to come up with an act using Ambi Pur in 15 minutes. So we came up with the sequel idea of proposing with Ambi Pur following our previous photo inspiration LOL. In our act, I attended Iskandar's Open House and he liked me so he gave me flowers. But I hated flowers so he called me a tomboy and I got mad and I left him aside.

Suddenly Arvin came to the Open House too. Then he said, "look, Iskandar! Look what I brought for you."

Then Arvin would start spraying the Ambi Pur in the air. Then the air smelled so good I twirled rounds after rounds like disney princesses do and I went chanting like, "oh goodness, this is Ambi Pur!". Then my eyes met Arvin's and...Untitled"Will you marry me?" I proposed to him instead LOL since my face skin is like 10 inci tebal.

Then 3 of us came together and chimed in together, "Make Your Open House Better, Only With Ambi Pur!" *all smell fragrance together*

LOL I swear the act was so dumb and after watching the other groups' acts, we were so depressed about how sucky how cheesy and how short ours was. But I don't know what worked the miracle because later we were announced as the winners!Screenshot_2014-08-25-14-54-18Each of us got like this white goodie bag with tons of Ambi Pur products with all kinds of flavour. I think I just made my mum very happy by bringing them home because she thinks that my room stinks of me LOL and that my brother can use Ambi Pur in the house whenever we eat durians!

Thank you Ambi Pur!IMG_7863

Then I remember it rained. Quite a number of people left when the sky turned gloomy. Thank goodness for these people who left because Arvin and I decided to stay with a silent agreement when we saw the number of gifts Nuffnang and UMobile had prepared for us. HEHE THEY ARE ALL OURS!tumblr_m61x5dz87M1rqfhi2o1_250

Soon, there's another competition where if you can answer the MC's questions you get to win 2 tickets to Alex Goot and Against the Current Live in KL the next day WTF Arvin and I jumped to it coz' we were too desperate to win something LOL.

The first question was what all the hashtags of the sponsors were. We didn't get to answer that WTF that was so easy!

Then our chance came when the MC asked how many followers do Nuffnang have on Instagram. Arvin literally jumped in front to the MC and showed him the figure on his phone LOL. Right after Arvin rushed to the front a guy tried to grab the chance BUT THANK GOODNESS WE WERE 1 SECOND FASTER!

And voila! Got our tickets!IMG_7867

As the night drew closer, there was a lucky draw again, which was happening all the afternoon. Only this time they were giving out Samsung Galaxy S5 WTF I remember I prayed to God hoping that they actually got my name from the box LOL so sinfun. I know I know have been calling Samsung names like Scamsung or Samshit but WTF IT'S A SAMSUNG MAN I WANT! Plus I'm in need of a new phone to replace my cracked HTC.

BUT BUT BUT this lucky girl got it instead AWESOME!! Congratulation!

Screenshot_2014-08-26-01-48-13I also want a new phone please thank you Nuffnang in advance haha!

Just when we thought there's no more Samsung Galaxy S5 for lucky draw, the MC took one more out! Which would be for the blogger who does the best post on the Nuffnang Raya Open House, which is the reason why I'm still blogging now at this ungodly hour. HAHA kidding!

We took our gift boxes that look like this. They were so heavy with food! I didn't get to take a photo of it and I left the box on the dining table for a while. When I came to retrieve it, it was opened and some of the snacks inside disappeared. Then I saw my brother with chocolate stain by his mouth LOL. That's so sweet of you bro, thanks gee I have no more chocolate for myself WTF. IMG_7862

The night drew close and we headed home.

Frankly, I was very very glad, and even touched that Nuffnang organised this Raya Open House, which is their very first.

Ever since summer approached and holiday started. I had been everywhere. In an island, a month in Europe, and another 2 months in Beijing and Mongolia. It was sad how I was everywhere, and nowhere at the same time. While everyone was going for puasa bazaar by the streets in July, I remember having my dinner alone in Beijing. I saw the expensive cars passing by, with frequent honkings at the passer-bys. I watched the flashing neon lights light up one by one. I heard the music at the club growing louder, with drunkards walking swayingly and girls vomitting at the exits. IMG_20140805_202709They all make me miss the simplicity back at home, in Malaysia. Where we celebrate life with joy, sharing and food. Not with expensive cars, money and thick makeups.

That night was cold in Beijing. And lonely.

When I was finally back in Malaysia, Raya season was kind of over so I missed ALL the Raya open houses that my friends organised. Which is sad because I couldn't get a flavour of Malaysian Festive warmth. I remember feeling desperate for a tinge of homey mesra-ness, something I really need to make me feel Malaysian again.

And then I went for the Nuffnang Raya Open House.

For those who were too lazy to come for this event you should have given yourself a kick on your butt.

Thank you very much, Nuffnang and all the event sponsors, for feeling up the homesick void in me, for making me feel Malaysian again.

And as usual, ending the post with a photo of Arvin and I. IMG-20140824-WA0015The #bestfree is Love and Friendship in a Package! Hope all of you have enough dose of love today!

Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians!

#nowplaying have I told you lately, that I love you?

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Beijing WTF

"Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without travelling. " --- Roman Payne, The Wanderess

I have been missing for 2 months. Right after I arrived back in Malaysia from Germany, I clicked "pay" on AirAsia website. You're welcome, Mr. Fernandes.

Before I realised, I was already in Beijing, all alone. The feeling of being alone in a foreign country didn't hit me until I walked out of the airport and the sky was bright at 4am in the morning.


Before I flew to Beijing, I didn't prepare anything. I just threw a pile of toiletries and clothes into my luggage. I didn't read about the transport. I didn't know how far the airport is from the city. I didn't even book my accomodation.

But thank goodness for Sophia, who is my buddy in China and briefed me a lot about how Beijing works. Sophia is LITERALLY my saviour. Thanks to her I didn't have to stone in airport for hours and ask people what to do.
This is the usually glamorous Sophia captured unglam for a while HAHA I'm sorry Sophia I've betrayed you for uploading this photo.

She gets excited whenever she sees spicy pot. The excitement was contagious. Later on, I spent a large portion of my money on eating spicy pot in Beijing everyday. I nearly ran out of money after a month LOL.

Well, I spent most of my time in Beijing doing um.. Eating. Sleeping. Taking my good long time settling my toilet business. Summer school for a while. And occasionally travelling.20140810_052238000_iOS20140728_08201220140726_153237
OMGGG I look like a Plain Jane with flat eyes and flat nose. or worse. Edward Cullen. Someone please teach me how to apply makeups on my button face.


After a while, even Arvin flew over to join the fun in Beijing. Kidding, he just misses me too much LOL
As you all know, my Indian boyfriend is a super poser who has fetish for tight fitting shirts.IMG_4304IMG_4307
I totally cannot compete with him whenever it comes to posing. #notalentproblem

I went to Beijing with Peking University AIESEC to work at Beijing LGBT Center, which is better known as the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Center. And by staying in 706 youth space, I got to work as an Emcee for English corner, giving a couple of talks and maintaining diplomatic relationships of PKU with St. Gallen University from Switzerland. Got this job opportunity just because I speak Chinese and English and 2 words of German HAHA!mmexport1408643327603

Proud of myself because after the 2 talks I gave, quite a number of people actually asked for my name card. Many others contacted 706 space owner and send me emails to invite me over for talks in other NGOs! I'm not boasting la hahahaha wtf but I feel extremely honoured that my speeches and my values actually inspired and moved people!

First of all, I would like to clarify that I'm totally, completely heterosexual. I have Arvin and I love him. Well now. People always ask why, while working and fighting for homosexual equal rights, I still always trying to clarify that I'm not homosexual. People think that after all, I still judge them and categorise them differently. I strongly disagree to this. During talks, campaigns and interviews, I always state this very firmly because I want everyone to know that we DON'T have to be homosexuals to help homosexuals.

We only need to be human to love and help each other.

That we are not actually just helping homosexuals. Precisely, we are fighting for equal rights for people who deserve equality. And this is not just about the homosexuals. This is also for all the rape victims, abused women, abused children, disabled citizens and so on.mmexport1408892410295
The most important lesson I have learnt being in China for 2 months is to love ourself, to know our value and never to compare. I was very honoured to have a chance to be close to the homosexuals not as individuals, but as a society. As a human rights fighter, I have always wanted to have an insight like this.

However, things weren't too bright when I just arrived in Beijing. Our center manager was invited for "tea" sessions a few times by the police and local government. Well, human rights issues have always been A HUGE DEAL in China so my workload later on was extremely reduced. I was even warned to not talk seditiously during speeches. Therefore besides many local activities, I only did an interview and managed to help some homosexuals put together a video on promoting awareness!

Catch my interview on YouKu!

Now, I know there are religions who are against homosexuality. I have met even a few who think that killing homosexuals should be legal. But try to think it this way. Although a religion may be against homosexuality, although you may not acknowledge their existence, a religion would still want you to love them despite their faults. Homosexuality is something some people are born with. Most of the time you can't change it. It's the same as being born as a limbless person. We can't make them grow their legs out of nothing.

Today, overall it doesn't suck too much to be a homosexual because the time is entering an era where people are becoming more accepting. Instead, it's sad to be their parents because many were born to a relatively close-minded society.

Some older homosexuals who came out of the closets have parents who still couldn't accept their sexuality even after they died. A parent with homosexual child once told us something unforgettable, "Ultimately, if your parent couldn't accept you for being gay, let it go and just remember to always live your way happily".

I hope that being a Malaysian and spreading the message to defend our rights can help not just these socially marginised individuals, but also enable me to bring home some knowledge and experiences.


When I just arrived in Beijing, it took me a while to actually adapt to the society. While the people in 706 space were extremely friendly, what puzzled me was how the society reacts to unusual circumstances, which was totally the opposite of the attitude of the friends in 706 space. The society is so cold! As a girl who come from tropical Malaysia Truly Asia where people are kind and passionate, I smile a lot to strangers who I make eye contact with.

Firstly, in China, apparently it's not known that long and disrupting stares are actually IMPOLITE! Whenever I speak English to anyone, people around me just STARE the whole way. Even after I stop talking, I can still feel all the stares at my butt. Well, I mean, it's okay to be interested and stare at foreigners but not like 100 pairs of eyes at the same time. Besides, when I turn my head to smile at them, they would look away. Then when I turn my head back, all of them stare again =.= It makes me feel as if my button falls wide open or I have my pants burst open at the back WTF makes me check my pants every single time.

Then another thing about the Chinese is that they don't say sorry, or thank you. And they like to cut queue. Of course, not all are like this! But everytime I'm in a line I tend to get cut a lot. Either that or people love pushing from the back as they most probably have no sense of personal space, or they just don't care. I started scolding people a lot there, well, professionally. Most of the times they listened.

My worst nightmare is to actually take the subway during the peak hours in the morning. People just love to push. While I understand that everyone is rushing to work, it doesn't take any effort to walk into the train accordingly. Once in the afternoon I was in the train and when the door opened, an old man who stood beside the door was pushed so hard from the back that he fell onto the platform. He shouted. The crowd heard and saw but just continued walking past him across the platform.

I certainly didn't see this scenario during my time in France, UK and US.IMG_20140729_142112
Then another day when I was cycling, a old lady across the street was holding a bag full of apples. Suddenly the bag just bursted and all the apples rolled onto the street. People looked, mothers stared and explained to their kids what happened. But nobody stopped to help her pick any of it. After stopping to help her pick some up, I quickly rushed to my bicycle to cycle away because I just couldn't get over how invisible it appears to be, for the society. I cried my way back to the hostel.IMG_20140728_230313
I slowly learned that this isn't just the problem of conformity or the lack of bystander intervention. I have long heard about how after kind people help the old folks up after they fall, the old folks actually tried to sue them, claiming that the kind people were the ones who pushed them. After a long run, the bridge of trust just breaks among the society. This is kind of sad.

Besides, it's also obvious that the effect of the Cultural Revolution remains. During this revolution, the intellectuals, religious, businessmen and even those in possess of books and cultural remains were either imprisoned or executed. To avoid being executed, many people tried to hide their identity because the lesser the society knows about you, the better. Everybody had secret and kept it away from the world. As time goes by, the trust in the society vanished.

While lamenting about the shitty society, something very radiant about the friendships I have there came to light. Chinese make the kind of friends that would pick you up willingly and quickly whenever you sink in shits. They are not the typical friends that appear so sweet whenever you meet them but after some time, they show their true colours and only prove to be hi-bye friends. For the Chinese, when given time, they treat you with sincerity and would do anything within their power to meet up with you, lend you money, help you book train tickets, etc etc.

They are very loyal. They don't backstab. They never sneer. And most of all, they ALWAYS have my back for me!

In a way, I find them very pure, innocent and sincere.
Well by reading this it's obvious that I was in deep shit in Beijing LOL. Here's to celebrate all the most valuable bonds I have gained and made in Beijing.

After all that I have gained in Beijing for 2 months, I did sit down very frequently to think and actually ask God(I'm a semi-atheist/deist who thinks that the light in me may be Jesus) why He gave me this ultimately unique yet contradicting way to see and experience the world. I know He has his answers. I just don't know what it is yet.

Pouring with memories, I wrote some farewell words for my friends. Then I left to Inner Mongolia, all alone, heavy with emotions. mmexport1408892274141

#nowplaying I got my mind made up and I can't let go!