Monday, 23 June 2014

Snowing in Summer 2.0


The next day in Switzerland, the plan was to hike up the Jungfrau, top of Europe, which altitude is about 3500m. Except that we didn't have to hike. We took the train up and THE RAILWAYS WERE BUILT 100 YEARS AGO!! Goodness, human brains are utterly amazing creations! The photo above is how the train station we boarded on, looks like. The train station was so beautiful that we took our time until we had to catch up with the last train to go up to Jungfrau.

But quickly, we realised that the decision to move on with the train was the best decision we have ever made. Because we had to change our train at the next stop and this was how the next station looks like. IMG_3365IMG_3366

The whole transition was TERRIFIC! For a while I just sat on the stony ground breathing in the beauty in air. Many friends did the same thing until the next train came. It took us some time and hesitation to board and move on the railways.

Then the whole journey became very.... undescribable. On that instance, I know that I could never go home without missing this place already. IMG_3346IMG_3317IMG_3333IMG_3356

Then slowly, after a somewhat 2 hour ride, we were near the snow already. Despite travelling so frequently, this is only my first time seeing snow, because we always ONLY travel during summer haha!IMG_3372

Then we are finally at our terminal station, the Jungfraujoch!IMG_3407

It was very cloudy and misty up there, the peaks were always covered in clouds. We were at first on the Sphinx Terrace. It's technically a platform stretching out in the air among the Alps. Among the mountains, there were some black birds flying. At first I thought they were crows. I looked closely and saw big feathery wings that allow them to glide in the air, with very prominent yellow beaks. Then I realised that I couldn't be right, since crows only eat rubbish. We only find crows in markets and dirty pasar malam and if they live here they would have starved to death already.

I know they ain't ordinary birds. IMG_3395

They are the alpine choughes.I fed one with bread. But as soon as a woman holding an apple came, those stupid birds ditched me for her. Eventually, I had to eat the bits of breads myself. Alone. Miserable. *cry* IMG_3397

Things got pretty boring when we realised that we couldn't get to play with snow. We felt so cheated for a while, having to have come so far up for some shit views. *cry somemore* So we walked randomly in the complex until we unknowingly reached an entrance to somewhere very bright out there.

OMG SNOW!! We ran out and embraced the snowy ground and planking. IMG_3453IMG_3431

The weather forecast predicted that it was a rainy day ahead. So thank you for at least the heads-up, we weren't too sad about the thick mist. Then it started snowing, finely! Dad was so excited about the snow that, the engineer in him made him sit down and examine the shape of the snowflakes. I guess everybody ignored him and had our own fun haha!

This is my parents, the Legendary Papa Fu and Mama Fu! IMG_3438 Noticably, it wasn't even that cold up there. So we started rolling on the snowy ground and throwing snow balls at each other like how they do in Korean dramas, without the romance.

We bimbo-ed there just for a while to pass time. But after all the excitement passed, oxygen was low and I felt very breathless, my heart pumped far too much and my brain couldn't function too well. For a while I think I got a little dumber. IMG_3467 Just when we were leaving, a girl in wedding dress and she became the target to all cameras!! Awww! Happy alone wedding photoshoot!IMG_3458 We all slept in the train on our way down the mountain. Then I woke up to this magical view :)IMG_3493IMG_3497Then sadly, as time passes, it seemed almost a pity to leave Switzerland. Then as if Switzerland wanted to give us the greatest goodbye, on our way to Italy, we drove on a highway that goes rounds and rounds across the snow mountain. It was a... luxurious feeling that no money can buy.IMG_3517 IMG_3520IMG_3523 I think my parents got so excited they started throwing snowballs on us kids. I felt so bullied =.= shouldn't they be the stern no-dont-play parents? Why are they trying to pick a snow fight now, and of all places, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD? It is so ironically funny since my parents always scolded me whenever I played near the roadside when I was younIMG_3526IMG_3542 I felt so moved appreciating how Switzerland is so gifted with such beauty of nature. But I bet they suffer with a lot of snow during winter, and I hate the cold so hahaha, I will settle with Malaysia. :)IMG_3528   So guys, when you think of visiting Europe, please please realise that London and Paris are the only places to go. Switzerland should always be on top of your list alright. The tourism ambassador in me is showing. See you in Italy!

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