Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Greenwich 2014

“Not all those who wander are lost.” --  JRR Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

I came home from Europe for almost a week already. But since I have to be the most inconsistent blogger around, I would forgive myself. The moment I landed, I cant seem to bear the heat with the humidity in Malaysia anymore. Weather got crazy ever since and it has been burning at 35 degree celsius ever since. Do you know how I feel like now?

I feel like a roasted pig, marinated in salt. This has also got to do with the extra fat layer I brought home from Europe. Plus, with the weather, the fats are totally over-insulating. I would make a great malaysian dish except for the fact that I would be non-Halal. It's gonna cause any potential political uprising. Haha, am I getting arrested from this?

Back to Europe.


So I was back to the country which I have always been so familiar with, England.

There's always something in the air that is very soothing, makes especially London feel like home.IMG_2468

The English surroundings.
The bitterly appealing tea scent.
The friendly Englishmen who never hesitate to help me find my way.
The overly attached pigeons hanging around for food.
The same Chinese restaurants I see every year.
The stupid dusty air that caused me pneumonia.
The occasional Asians with flat eyes and button nose who pass by and take a mutual interest watching me (being another flat-eye)

And the terribly burned bacons and boring cereals that never change, every morning. Yes, as a Malaysian, I am saying that English food sucks.


But this never stops me from feeling at home in London. Never. It is just that, this time, I am not in London. Not yet.

I am in Greenwich. And I don't even know what's in Greenwich to see.

Well, there are squirrels that beg for food like chipmunks and then when you don't feed them, they will turn carnivorous and eat you up. Ok, no.IMG_2492

For all I know, geography textbooks have been bragging about how Greenwich is the boss of all time zones just because the sun likes to set at different times at all over the world and they gotta have a leader. Thus, Greenwich. I have been studying about that time zone line from 7th grade to 9th grade. Government made us study that shit for 3 years and I can't remember what line it was called.

As a small town, time zone-related aside, Greenwich can actually be quite an interesting place to explore.

The Royal Observatory.
IMG_2443This is THAT observatory which my dad has been hipping about ever since he watched Thor, when no one else at home shared a similar enthusiasm because we didn't watch it. But the problem of sharing no mutual interest strikes when we were in a cab.

Dad was passionately describing where he wanted to go, to Michael the cab driver. But with my dad's short tongue and funny pronunciation, all we heard together with Michael was Toe-re. Of course we couldn't help dad talk to because none of us knew what he was talking about. My dad got a little impatient and blurted out, "you know the movie, The Dark Side?"

"Yea, the weather is quite dark and gloomy today."

Out of respect for the situation I managed to keep my facial tone down. Only after like 2-3 minutes of negotiation and description, we finally made out of what Dad wanted to go when he said, "That line! Meridian Line!"

After the Royal Observatory cab episode, we were there but the ticket needed like 8 pounds for entrance. No! I'm not going in when I don't even know what astronomy means. We stared at each other at the gate and had a silent agreement on not entering. But this wasn't enough to satisfy dad. So he made us all stand there to help take a photo of him. With a clock.

IMG_2465Yeah, that's a.... nice clock.

There are some other interesting things in Greenwich. The Royal Naval College, Queen's House and Greenwich park.

But there are somethings in Greenwich that are so drawing, they make you never want to leave this town and stay here for all her springs and autumns.

First of all, there are many eccentric children around the town. It's a place where weird kids run wild. Like this one, who had been tumbling across the field since forever.

Or this boy, who kept his stares on me, and muttered "ships, ships ships" all the time.IMG_2536

Or this one, glaring at me hostilely but kept riding back and forth alongthe path for some attention on her cycling skills. IMG_2495

Speaking of cycling. Greenwich is also a town of bicycles. It is extremely easy to run over and get run over by bicycles in there. But what amazed me is how good Greenwichers can cycle. Apparently they can ride bicycles of any form.


For example, they can ride bicycles in the air.

I bet they parked the bicycles this way.


Apparently, they never need tyres either!


Just joking about the peculiarity of the bicycles there.

It would be great living in Greenwich, except for the fact that the air is pretty polluted. Although not half as bad as it is in London, Greenwich still makes me go back to my hotel coughing. When I dig my nose, my booger was all black!! Oh goodness, I wonder how many of my nasal cells sacrificed on that day.... Rest in Peace.


Meanwhile, it is just so... ordinary, in Greenwich. Like Sandwich. I like tuna sandwich.

#nowplaying can I have your daughter for the rest my life? Say yes say yes cos' I need to know!

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