Tuesday, 27 May 2014

University Photoshoot

I guess it's come to a point when my university realises the importance of advertising herself.

She realises this to such an extent that a professional WEDDING photographer was hired, for a student photo shoot. All the photos look so... clean.

Never in our lives have we been hanging out in the library. All of a sudden, it became our favourite spot.ImageAs students who barely enter the library to study, the amount of stationary we have in this photo is just too goddamn high. We are so passionate about studying that we even want to doodle the books.

ImageBesides, nobody has ever been so happy about studying. Except for Abigail.

10258620_10152336341959194_532606917782906764_oSignificantly, the power of a wedding photographer should never be underestimated either. Look at Chin.

10257396_10152336342029194_7629596573824781516_oAlready looking like a compassionate doctor even before Chin graduates.

I guess since wedding photos are always white and pure, with white flowers and gowns, my boyfriend looks like this.

10295134_10152336342779194_8424183984054789815_oArvin has never been so fair in his life. This photo became his profile picture on Facebook.

10265440_10152336342344194_5939095656919541282_oNor has Arvin been so studious ever...

Besides making everything look so pure and white in photos, another talent of a wedding photographer is how he makes everyone look so happy and blissful.

Just like this photo.

1597678_10152336343114194_3555848360640970828_oNobody EVER shares specimens in the lab. Look at how everybody is so happy looking at just one arm bone TOGETHER.

10293679_10152336343384194_4260944985128821586_oNarmatha is so happy. I seriously don't know how the photographer did this.

See how the 4 of us being drenched in sweat, being transformed into 4 beautiful diva-licious doctors-to-be.
10269330_10152336344159194_909586262278084661_oAnyhow, this is one beautiful best friend photo :)

Even the grey dusty wall and floor are bleached white.10005921_10152336345489194_7814346415094827321_o

Lastly, all of us give fake laughters, that come out as good as natural :)

10339289_10152336345589194_2421508925507003277_o (1)

Join us at PU-RCSI to be the proud students! Although you need a scholarship to afford the fees here =.=ll

#ps I wanted to advertise this awesome photographer but I lost his name card. 

His name is Joseph Bah!

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