Sunday, 18 May 2014

In the Eye of the World - Malaysia 2014

Malaysia is the centre of attention of the world now.

Not even half past 2014 so much has happened. Here goes the list. Hope I don't miss out any.

February - Ukraine Revolution
April - Mount Everest Avalanche in Nepal, Sinking of Sewol Ferry
May - Coal Mine Explosion in Western Turkey, Anti-China Protest in Vietnam

Whoever you are, whatever religion you practise, even if you're an atheist/deist (I consider myself one), take a moment of silence for a prayer for those who suffered, to be relieved of pain and grief; those who are blinded, to be guided to see the lights ahead again; those in ease, to understand and help those in need.


Every calamity, every tragedy and every political issue expose the powerlessness and corruption of a government.

Ukraine Revolution shows that the Ukrainian society is not happy working with European Union and protests with violence for reformation of the country's policies. Ukrainian President fled  and Russian troops now station in Crimea. The biggest winner here is the Happy Putin from Russia and this means that United States and European Union are losing forces.

The avalanche on Mount Everest killed around 15 Nepalese and anger sparked among the victims' families were angered when the government offered an amount of compensation that was only enough for funeral costs.

The sinking of Sewol the Korean Ferry causes blaming fingers pointing at selfishly irresponsible crews and the lack of enforcement of safety regulations. It soon became a political issue with distressed families expressing distrust on the government for reporting false information regarding the scale of the rescue operation. The President of South Korea resigned as a result of public fury.

More than 300 people died in the coal mine Explosion in Turkey. The most significant issue is that, this industrial accident happens ALL the time, and all around the world. We know that the reason of this preventable accident is NOT a natural disaster, but more of negligence with companies' priority being profitability instead of worker's safety. Meanwhile, the anti-China riot in especially Ho Chi Mint city is seen as an act of acquiescence by the Vietnamese government for the protest by the Vietnamese against Chinese that went violently out of control. It all started when China built an oil rig in the middle of the sea where both countries claim theirs.

Having said those mentioned, as a Malaysian, the biggest deal in 2014 would of course, be the missing MH370.


The signal of the flight MH370 with scheduled route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared on the 8th of March on its way to Vietnam. When the disappearence was first reported, I was a little distressed as a citizen to be caught in this situation because everyone in the world was talking about it for the whole month! I met 2 French and 1 Canadian during the Future Music Festival on 14th March and they said, "wow ya' know lad, everyone's talking about it back at home!" Good to know that Canadians have something to gossip about besides removing the snow on the street and pouring maple syrup on pancakes during breakfast (joke)! Although a proud tolerant Malaysian, I was quite disappointed because everyday when I flipped open the newspaper, it would be full of the contradicting  information with "variety" regarding the time and spot of the last flight signal, released by the government and Malaysia Airline Officials separately. Besides, the knowledge that the plane may have diverted from its course was speculated very early on, but only publicly released a week later by the government.  Later on suspicious debris were seen floating near Australian coast and satellite images had been analysed but nothing came close to being confirmative and related to MH370. All hopes are dwindling with those little blackboxes sinking deep in the ocean now....

All seriousness and gloom aside, 2 exasperatingly hilarious situations occured in the midst of this grieving tragedic aftermath. Firstly, either CNN/BBC reported that the missing MH370 is all about the work of Muslim terrorists because Malaysia is a Islamic country and that KUALA LUMPUR IS IN INDONESIA OMG PLEASE CHECK YOUR FACTS RIGHT. This former news led to many prejudiced and racist comments about how a Muslim flying the plane leading to its disappearence. Of course, it's possibly an act of the Muslim extremists but well, a Christian or one with any other religion doesn't necessarily fly an aeroplane better than a Muslim and vice versa. They all make qualified pilots and THEY ARE EQUAL. No religion is and should be considered more superior than another. Another one would make to the global comedian list. He is the *cough* (I don't want to get arrested)


Of flying carpets and coconuts, the expert said that MH370 was either in the sky and under water.... It's like when you ask your doctor about the sex of your baby after labour and the answer you get is, "your baby is either a boy or a girl. " Brilliance. Haha, kidnapped by alien maybe? All in all, my deepest condolences to the relatives and families of victims. However, it was great to see a multi-national effort and our government working so hard although it still is nowhere near holistic. Now, as mentioned, all hopes on discovering the little blackbox in the sea....

Pray for MH370. Pray for a better Malaysia. Proud to be a Malaysian.

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