Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gone soon, again

Leaving home again. I haven't even had even time to warm my chair with my butt at home. Off to Singapore then Frankfurt in half a day's time. I haven't started packing. I guess I will go on a rage soon.

I just hope someone can bring me around the world this way...
ImageLucky you Lady Gaga.

I'm spending lesser and lesser time at home. I will miss the smell of my room, which my brother hates because he thinks it smells like leftover poops. I think the next time I blog a long post would be 2 months from today. Immediately after my Europe Escape, I'm flying off to probably China for AIESEC.

Speaking of which, AIESEC is definitely full of surprises. I applied to AIESEC 20 days late. So I sent the vice president of AIESEC a pretty long email last week, listing down my great qualities and my past work experiences. It was so full of bullshits that I almost didn't expect a reply from her.

Guess what? I get a reply just now. And it says, I'm in. LOL people just tend to buy my bullshits. Gotta say I'm a professional. *Inserts confidence*

Anyway, I'm signing off! I will be going to Paris again for the 3rd time!


#nowplaying you look so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear

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