Sunday, 18 May 2014

Flying streak starting soon

In 24 hours, off to an island. Back home on the 23rd. Off to Germany on the 28th. Back on Mid-June. Off to Taiwan/Cambodia for a cultural mission trip before July. This flight cycle repeats every year.

I officially announce that I hate flying.


Judging how bad the public transport system in Malaysia is, everyone is starting to take more internal flights because flying is incredibly cheap these days and most of the times they are even cheaper than long-distance bus fares. Buses and trains are never punctual here. You gotta be poppin' champagne if they come within 10 minutes after the scheduled time. In outskirt areas you even get scammed with tickets easily, end up waiting for a bus that never comes...

This is how I become a public transport retard, after avoiding using them for years.

Anyway, Happy Summer everybody! Get those arms tanned and shades on!Image

Meanwhile, go oh-so-chrazy but keep yourself safe!


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