Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Gone soon, again

Leaving home again. I haven't even had even time to warm my chair with my butt at home. Off to Singapore then Frankfurt in half a day's time. I haven't started packing. I guess I will go on a rage soon.

I just hope someone can bring me around the world this way...
ImageLucky you Lady Gaga.

I'm spending lesser and lesser time at home. I will miss the smell of my room, which my brother hates because he thinks it smells like leftover poops. I think the next time I blog a long post would be 2 months from today. Immediately after my Europe Escape, I'm flying off to probably China for AIESEC.

Speaking of which, AIESEC is definitely full of surprises. I applied to AIESEC 20 days late. So I sent the vice president of AIESEC a pretty long email last week, listing down my great qualities and my past work experiences. It was so full of bullshits that I almost didn't expect a reply from her.

Guess what? I get a reply just now. And it says, I'm in. LOL people just tend to buy my bullshits. Gotta say I'm a professional. *Inserts confidence*

Anyway, I'm signing off! I will be going to Paris again for the 3rd time!


#nowplaying you look so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear

University Photoshoot

I guess it's come to a point when my university realises the importance of advertising herself.

She realises this to such an extent that a professional WEDDING photographer was hired, for a student photo shoot. All the photos look so... clean.

Never in our lives have we been hanging out in the library. All of a sudden, it became our favourite spot.ImageAs students who barely enter the library to study, the amount of stationary we have in this photo is just too goddamn high. We are so passionate about studying that we even want to doodle the books.

ImageBesides, nobody has ever been so happy about studying. Except for Abigail.

10258620_10152336341959194_532606917782906764_oSignificantly, the power of a wedding photographer should never be underestimated either. Look at Chin.

10257396_10152336342029194_7629596573824781516_oAlready looking like a compassionate doctor even before Chin graduates.

I guess since wedding photos are always white and pure, with white flowers and gowns, my boyfriend looks like this.

10295134_10152336342779194_8424183984054789815_oArvin has never been so fair in his life. This photo became his profile picture on Facebook.

10265440_10152336342344194_5939095656919541282_oNor has Arvin been so studious ever...

Besides making everything look so pure and white in photos, another talent of a wedding photographer is how he makes everyone look so happy and blissful.

Just like this photo.

1597678_10152336343114194_3555848360640970828_oNobody EVER shares specimens in the lab. Look at how everybody is so happy looking at just one arm bone TOGETHER.

10293679_10152336343384194_4260944985128821586_oNarmatha is so happy. I seriously don't know how the photographer did this.

See how the 4 of us being drenched in sweat, being transformed into 4 beautiful diva-licious doctors-to-be.
10269330_10152336344159194_909586262278084661_oAnyhow, this is one beautiful best friend photo :)

Even the grey dusty wall and floor are bleached white.10005921_10152336345489194_7814346415094827321_o

Lastly, all of us give fake laughters, that come out as good as natural :)

10339289_10152336345589194_2421508925507003277_o (1)

Join us at PU-RCSI to be the proud students! Although you need a scholarship to afford the fees here =.=ll

#ps I wanted to advertise this awesome photographer but I lost his name card. 

His name is Joseph Bah!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Langkawi 2.0

"Travel far enough, you meet yourself. " -- David Mitchell

Madness. Simply madness. In days between all my trips, every hour counts and I'm having a hectic time juggling between just reading up the world history, running domestic errands, tour plannings and spending enough time with friends and family. I'm simply, tired.

tumblr_m2nssoe3Na1rpll45o1_500Oh well, aaall izz weeellll. Preaaccchh it, sista! Finally, I'm blogging about the trips to Langkawi, something I should have done some months ago. I guess I will merge it with its sequel, the Langkawi 2.0 which happened a couple of days ago.

995410_10200866432097072_1292581057_nMost Malaysian tourist come to Langkawi Island just for its duty-free benefit, which is really quite a pity. Because their beaches are so much better and there are many pretty awesome fountain water sources.

954740_10200866411136548_1129103893_nOkay, maybe not.

We took AirAsia to Langkawi. Frankly, I have had some serious issues with Air Asia since its flight to Hong Kong 6 years ago. It was free seating and every one would ran like mad on board to fight for good seats. Instead of the 3-3 seatings now, it was 4-4 back then. I remember how my butt couldn't move an inch on my seat and the person beside me was raining sweats. Then halfway through the flight course my cousin released a silent fart. It was so lethal that my nose almost died after the 4-hour flight. This one experience made me a loyal Malaysia Airlines user even until today.

It is looking so much better today.

1401111366924 1013020_10200794033327148_2022385475_nThe funny thing about duty-free is how the imported goods become cheaper than the locally produced. For example, Belgian chocolates only cost RM8.90 each. I bet even after conversion it is still be more expensive in Belgium. Of course, in this island, we rarely see Malaysian Protons. Instead, volkswagen and Peugeot were running on streets like all hell break loose.

We started our day with buying alcohols. I know. Don't judge us alright.

UntitledSome drinking sessions happened in both trips. Nobody could get over how Joshua puked blood and some green stuff like biles. Both of us fell asleep hugging the toilet bowls last year. We reminisced and laughed at how lousy Joshua was at drinking. He still is.

And of course, all secrets broke loose after a few sips. Last year, truth or dare was disastrous. Therefore nobody dared to get too crazy in the sequel. We had some heart-to-heart talks but some of us took it to another level. After drinking off our limits, Joshua was puking again and I was trying hard to take off my clothes; Isaac smiling and trying to walk straight while Vishnu had totally fallen asleep. Just when Kaveena started feeling a little high, all of us were gone case and she ended up calling her friends to complain about how we were so lousy haha. Poor girl...

UntitledThe highlight of Langkawi 2.0 was totally the snorkelling. We went to Paya Island, which is 1 hour away from Langkawi by ferry. The journey took so long that we could all use some good sleep.

This was what we saw when we got off our ferry. I was a little worried at first la. Since my swimming skill is like shit and all, that after a few strokes I just get tired and I sink and die and get eaten by Piranha. Thank goodness for Vishnu who is also hopeless in water, he makes me feel a lot better about my swimming shit. This is probably how we look in water, if not worse.

giphy (1)

After arriving at Paya Island, we were pretty amazed not just by the beautiful sea view, but also because we saw fish..... what fish?! We just walked like saddooosss along the jetty thinking that it might have been the gloomy weather that the fishes hid under water.

But we were wrong. As we walked, we kept seeing flashes of colours, which we intially mistook them as reflection of lights in the water. Then when we neared the shore, OMG there were just so many fishes, and even some baby sharks!

IMG_20140524_194324IMG_20140524_194218Thank goodness they have little likings for human meat or this fat me is gonna be sent back to mainland in an ash urn.

There were just so many fishes that if you ever throw a spear into the sea you could already have your dinner settled. Joking, no barbeques allowed. We put on our life vests and here we go, looking like the hottest gym trainer crews by the beach.

10271494_10152119488053342_34221908664310044_nJust kidding. We are all pretty flabby. This is completely a crazy excellent optical illusion.

At first, we started swimming as a pack for safety because Vishnu and I are totally water retards. While waiting for friends to swim over at the shallow bay, I stood on a coral reef for a quick breath. Just while my friends were complaining about how they got bitten by some fishes, I got attacked by a group of around 10 fishes and it was like a hundred sharp electrical shock running all around your body. Isaac even claimed that he saw a fish biting my left buttock in water. I literally picked up all my shit and ran towards the shore and fell and stood up and ran again for my life.

10367696_10152124008403342_4013050592010808872_nAlthough I'm always a sinking chicken in water, with the life vest giving such buoyancy, I felt like Michael Phelps and started wandering off to deeper waters all by myself. I was hoping how if a shark came for me I would punch it and go on news being famous. Haha no shit happened.

The coral reefs looked either mostly orange or some had a shade of radiant purple. It felt movingly amazing to swim together with a school of silver white fishes, many of which just mere centrimeters from my face. They started swimming in a circle and the number increased. Then it became like a hundred of them surrounding me and I wasn't afraid at all. It felt like a prayer, I felt safe and time stopped for a while. Then they dismissed and left when a huge pink-blue parrot fish came and I totally freaked out and fled.

1545229_10152119488693342_6557456576988899274_nFlashing back to last year.

1014281_10200794883788409_287108616_nGreat times, aren't they? But too bad, we can't go back to the past. So enjoy the present and work for our future! :) Lastly, hello from crews of both Langkawi Adventure.

995397_10200866489098497_85194185_n 10299547_10152119490338342_7705814229092540822_nBow down, beaches.

#nowplaying Would you tremble if I touched your lips?

Monday, 19 May 2014

It's all about letting go

The hardest part about letting go is to realise that the other person already did. Image

My best friend broke up with her boyfriend recently. As a simple girl, her boy friend has always meant the world to her. Literally, all her thoughts are centred around her boyfriend. During our girl outings when we go shopping, she would see a shirt and say that her boyfriend likes to see her in that dressing style; while eating squids by the street, she would say how he only likes to eat in classy restaurants; even when I drive her around, she would describe the way her boyfriend speeds and turns. All of which, she has told me countless times, that I can remember these details as if I know him as a mate. Of course, I've met him before. He's a gentle nice guy.

Then almost a month ago, a few day after their first anniversary, the guy insisted on breaking up. I was studying at 3am when she called. I didn't pick up cos' I wanted to complete my mind map. 3 minutes later I dialed back and she asked, "eh you haven't slept?" "No, I haven't. " Suddenly I started some mad muttering cries that sounded like one from a ghost. I was like WTF WATCHA TALKIN' DUDE. Then after a few more attempts I finally was able to make out of what she said, "Jinghuii ahh Jason wants to break up with me. "

I swear that it could have easily been the saddest phone call I've ever received. I love her and she's in deep agony and I can't do much. She didn't even know the exact reason of the split. Looking back, I'm sure that she had some craziest thoughts in mind. In one night, she lost all her confidence and strength. She didn't know how to face people anymore; she can't sleep without waking up a few times in the middle of the night; she can't eat without feeling nauseated. She gave all of herself into investing in the relationship and him.

It reminded me of a chinese saying that goes, "when you give all your most beautiful things to a man, you're left with nothing for yourself. How would a man love and hold on to something that doesn't shine any longer?"

I watch her wilt and remembering how my friends healed me, I tried my best doing the same for her. I make sure that she knows her self-worth, that she's still beautiful, that she never needs a man to live and love well. Every few days I would knock by at her doorstep and talk to her even in the midst of my exam preparation, hoping that today, she isn't as broken as yesterday. Then in process, I would realise how much my friends have done, to pull me out of grief. Well one month has passed now.

It's really great to see her starting to pick herself up step by step. She still talks and thinks about him. But she no longer cries. Today, she found out that he already has a new love after barely a month past the split. She was sad but she already isn't as weak as before. I watched her face and I felt like a proud best friend. Wish her a great life being emotionally independent and happy. :)


All these remind me of how lucky I am, being down and picked up, defeated and strengthened, and to have a best friend who loves me in all the right ways. I remember immersing myself in alcohols, I remember being so weak, not knowing how to be myself around people. Now I feel empowered, I feel electric, I feel attractive, I feel smart, and above all, I feel loved, by myself. After all, who gives a flying f*** about men? HAHA joking! I love my boyfriend very much and he's the best dumb cute thing ever! Image

Gotta start packing for the trip in 10 hours. Signing off.

#nowplaying fly away from here, from this dark cold hotel room.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Flying streak starting soon

In 24 hours, off to an island. Back home on the 23rd. Off to Germany on the 28th. Back on Mid-June. Off to Taiwan/Cambodia for a cultural mission trip before July. This flight cycle repeats every year.

I officially announce that I hate flying.


Judging how bad the public transport system in Malaysia is, everyone is starting to take more internal flights because flying is incredibly cheap these days and most of the times they are even cheaper than long-distance bus fares. Buses and trains are never punctual here. You gotta be poppin' champagne if they come within 10 minutes after the scheduled time. In outskirt areas you even get scammed with tickets easily, end up waiting for a bus that never comes...

This is how I become a public transport retard, after avoiding using them for years.

Anyway, Happy Summer everybody! Get those arms tanned and shades on!Image

Meanwhile, go oh-so-chrazy but keep yourself safe!


In the Eye of the World - Malaysia 2014

Malaysia is the centre of attention of the world now.

Not even half past 2014 so much has happened. Here goes the list. Hope I don't miss out any.

February - Ukraine Revolution
April - Mount Everest Avalanche in Nepal, Sinking of Sewol Ferry
May - Coal Mine Explosion in Western Turkey, Anti-China Protest in Vietnam

Whoever you are, whatever religion you practise, even if you're an atheist/deist (I consider myself one), take a moment of silence for a prayer for those who suffered, to be relieved of pain and grief; those who are blinded, to be guided to see the lights ahead again; those in ease, to understand and help those in need.


Every calamity, every tragedy and every political issue expose the powerlessness and corruption of a government.

Ukraine Revolution shows that the Ukrainian society is not happy working with European Union and protests with violence for reformation of the country's policies. Ukrainian President fled  and Russian troops now station in Crimea. The biggest winner here is the Happy Putin from Russia and this means that United States and European Union are losing forces.

The avalanche on Mount Everest killed around 15 Nepalese and anger sparked among the victims' families were angered when the government offered an amount of compensation that was only enough for funeral costs.

The sinking of Sewol the Korean Ferry causes blaming fingers pointing at selfishly irresponsible crews and the lack of enforcement of safety regulations. It soon became a political issue with distressed families expressing distrust on the government for reporting false information regarding the scale of the rescue operation. The President of South Korea resigned as a result of public fury.

More than 300 people died in the coal mine Explosion in Turkey. The most significant issue is that, this industrial accident happens ALL the time, and all around the world. We know that the reason of this preventable accident is NOT a natural disaster, but more of negligence with companies' priority being profitability instead of worker's safety. Meanwhile, the anti-China riot in especially Ho Chi Mint city is seen as an act of acquiescence by the Vietnamese government for the protest by the Vietnamese against Chinese that went violently out of control. It all started when China built an oil rig in the middle of the sea where both countries claim theirs.

Having said those mentioned, as a Malaysian, the biggest deal in 2014 would of course, be the missing MH370.


The signal of the flight MH370 with scheduled route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared on the 8th of March on its way to Vietnam. When the disappearence was first reported, I was a little distressed as a citizen to be caught in this situation because everyone in the world was talking about it for the whole month! I met 2 French and 1 Canadian during the Future Music Festival on 14th March and they said, "wow ya' know lad, everyone's talking about it back at home!" Good to know that Canadians have something to gossip about besides removing the snow on the street and pouring maple syrup on pancakes during breakfast (joke)! Although a proud tolerant Malaysian, I was quite disappointed because everyday when I flipped open the newspaper, it would be full of the contradicting  information with "variety" regarding the time and spot of the last flight signal, released by the government and Malaysia Airline Officials separately. Besides, the knowledge that the plane may have diverted from its course was speculated very early on, but only publicly released a week later by the government.  Later on suspicious debris were seen floating near Australian coast and satellite images had been analysed but nothing came close to being confirmative and related to MH370. All hopes are dwindling with those little blackboxes sinking deep in the ocean now....

All seriousness and gloom aside, 2 exasperatingly hilarious situations occured in the midst of this grieving tragedic aftermath. Firstly, either CNN/BBC reported that the missing MH370 is all about the work of Muslim terrorists because Malaysia is a Islamic country and that KUALA LUMPUR IS IN INDONESIA OMG PLEASE CHECK YOUR FACTS RIGHT. This former news led to many prejudiced and racist comments about how a Muslim flying the plane leading to its disappearence. Of course, it's possibly an act of the Muslim extremists but well, a Christian or one with any other religion doesn't necessarily fly an aeroplane better than a Muslim and vice versa. They all make qualified pilots and THEY ARE EQUAL. No religion is and should be considered more superior than another. Another one would make to the global comedian list. He is the *cough* (I don't want to get arrested)


Of flying carpets and coconuts, the expert said that MH370 was either in the sky and under water.... It's like when you ask your doctor about the sex of your baby after labour and the answer you get is, "your baby is either a boy or a girl. " Brilliance. Haha, kidnapped by alien maybe? All in all, my deepest condolences to the relatives and families of victims. However, it was great to see a multi-national effort and our government working so hard although it still is nowhere near holistic. Now, as mentioned, all hopes on discovering the little blackbox in the sea....

Pray for MH370. Pray for a better Malaysia. Proud to be a Malaysian.