Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Economic Crisis in United States???


Spend your money on experiences instead of possessions. You'd be happier.

My parents developed this pleasantly odd habit of bringing us kids to far far lands since we hit puberty. And damn it, for once, lao niang love their habits LOL.


I love travelling. I love the kinds where you just pick a map and get lost, ending up in a little county and see how people live in a different world, learning their ways ie. meeting all kind of strange people rushing to you and when you tell them you get lost and you're hungry they all rush to you feeding you potatoes and that purple thing hahahaha like a king.

That one thing I didn't know that I would have learned, was how bad a shape United States was in, after the economic collapse in 2008.

There's a Chinese proverb that goes, "the moon on another land is brighter".  LOL, doesn't sound legit coz' we all share one frigging moon hahaha because sharing is caring. What it ultimately means that, things overseas are always better. Or rather, they SEEM better...


So 2 years ago dad brought us to North America because my bro got student-exchaged to Canada. Landed in the West Coast and WALAO lao niang first time in America weyh everything so wonderful la, buildings higher, ocean bluer, air fresher, walao, even the water also tastier and guys also hotter lo! Okay la but it was summer and the Americans were wearing very few pieces of clothes. Some of them showed so much extra tyres that they made my mum looked like a super model / goddess.

Visited Grand Canyon and none of us wanted to part with the stones there so we stoned with the stones.


Okay. We did move on to Las Vegas. It could have been the weirdest cities I've been to in my whole life. So what's in Las Vegas besides Casino, Hotels, nice big cars and topless girls?

More topless girls. And a lot of sand. And lately, a lot of beggars.

Job opportunities for locals went down dramatically after many casino hotels were either taken over or simply, closed down. And there's totally like, nothing in it because what is Las Vegas? A city that merged in the deserts. No water, no animals to hunt for, and certainly no cheap affordable things unless you are away from its main area. What matters most in LV? Money, money and somemore money. Oh, maybe power.


This was only the beginning.

New York was literally "Asians, asians everywhere." Most of the restaurants working well were run by asians(good food woohoo!). So were many bankers and investors on Wall Street. Even the luxurious hotels and branded shops were full of Chinese spamming moneh and the ones sweeping the floors were angmo wth.

Oh, Manhattan was exceptionally dirty hahahahahhaha well TVshows DID NOT lie to you because they only cast in Manhattan AT NIGHT when you only see rich men, dazzling lights and beautiful girls.

The pace of life was so fast here. Everyone walking at the speed of light wtf even when buying fruits and shopping in forever 21 omg. Lao niang doesn't understand.


Overall, NYC was not too bad, although yes, many shops were closed down and beggars on the street. Spent a night on Water Street(a street just beside Wall Street) and we saw so many Wall Street officers in the buildings opposite our inn working all night long until the morning came and they just slept leaning on the wall. I'm not quite sure whether this was a common sight.

Slaves of money, or national debt.


A few places in the East Coast followed.


Was pretty lucky to witness the Obamas landing in the White House compound from a helicopter. Couldn't get a picture of it cos' we were shoo-ed far far away, so far that I could only see standing-ant-liked figures.



Canada is one awesome country in relative to the States. Immediately crossing the border of the States the number of Obesed people we saw decreased exponentially. Fast food franchise? Almost nowhere to be seen. People yelling f*** across the street? Non-existence.

Beautiful girls? EVERYWHERE. And trams! Trams too! <3



Canada couldn't have been lovelier. The weather, the people, the maple trees, fresh air, healthier people with lower poverty rate(don't think I had seen a beggar throughout my stay). Beautiful countries with a plenty of beautiful universities in the cities. Lao niang if wanna migrate next time I'll let ma girls and boys be Canadian hahahhaha!!

That was when we flew to San Francisco.


Golden Gate Bridge. So many people committed suicide here.  They really know how to picks spots la. (joking)

San Francisco is one crazily breath taking, hilly, !@#$%^&*() the most beautiful city I've been to beside Amsterdam(ok la they both different "genres" la). SF was so beautiful that when we left to Hollywood we were like ASDFGHJKL shouldn't have moved our butts from SF LOL.



Beautiful city, beautiful transport (look at the TROLLEY!!! Judy Garland!!), beautiful sea!! What else is there to complain about?

The living costs!

A 3-course meal costs around 40$.  One-way local transport costs around 2$-3$ WTF I pay 50 cents for mini bus in Malaysia goodness I'm not complaining anymore I LUB YOU MALAYSIA BE IT BANGLASIA ONOT.


ERMAAGAAA THIS TO-DIE-FOR DISNEY HOUSE TYPE. Yeah this is like a SF typical terrace!! To die for, yes, really die...

Can you believe it actually costed 7 Million Dollars 2 years ago? 2 years ago! 7 frigging million for one of these doll houses, hell to the no. I CAN FEED LIKE A HOUSE OF ORPHANS FOR 10 YEARS AND I CAN PRODUCE 50 MALAYSIAN DOCTORS !@#$%^&*() AND HAVE A DATO-SHIP. I doubt it has even 1500 square feets.

The population ratio in SF has also become imbalanced throughout the years. The population of young kids decreases while the population of dogs increases quite quickly hahahhaa because it's a lot cheaper to have a puppy there than raising a child.

And the best way to see how the society is, is to take a walk out at night.

Most of them beggars would openly sit down on the streets and some would start bugging the OLs. I remember one holding a big big card writing, "I have a 2-month-old girl and no money for milk", another one spreading folded paper roses in hopes for some change. Meanwhile, a few would walk around the streets banging on doors, then weirdly walked away, or gazed around blankly(may be drug abusers). Often, they go home almost empty-handed. It would be another night with mere disappointment, in hopes that the money given by the government would be enough for their meals, and their cigarettes.

Of course, not all the streetmen had a bad night sleep one. Meet the Bush Man.



Look at the right bottom end of the first picture, and the back of the Bush Man on the 2nd hahahah!!!

The local bus driver introduced and showed us the bush man LOL he doesn't even look like a bush! But after seeing him in action, WTF HE MADE A GOOD BUSH wtf hahahahahaha basically he just showed himself from the bush and LOL people screamed and paid him hahahhahaha everything became funnier when you were spying on people from top. We were like OH MY THESE PEOPLE ARE SO DUMB LOL.

The bestest part is during peak season this Bush Man can actually earn like more than 10k$ WTF doctors don't even earn so much working shifts after shifts until they become vampires and all the wrinkles appear on their faces and look ugly wtf I'm gonna turn ugly. Maybe when government couldn't give lao niang a placement as a houseman next time I will just fly to SF and team up with the fellow and be the Sunflower girl. Period.


Almost none of the rest are as lucky as the Bush Man though. Some were even mentally unfit. Maybe after all, the moon on the other side isn't that bright anymore.

"This is what happened when people couldn't catch up with how fast money comes and goes. They can't fend for themselves, but they can't leave the game either, because they have nowhere else to go. It's the world today that drives them to this state, yet most of the times we could only watch this insanity go by."


#nowplaying where do we go? where do we go now?

P/s: so sorry that I took none of the street peeps photos beside the Bush Man because I find that it was pretty disrespectful.


  1. Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept talking about this. I will send this information to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for reading too! Glad to have one to share this piece of info with :)