Thursday, 29 August 2013

Bonjour 2013

Est Paris l'amour. Je t'aime

A day before leaving Dublin I felt sick already. Initially it was an itch in the throat which escalated quickly into a sore.
I sounded like a duck.


My French was pretty limited to bonjour, adius, merci, au revoir and hahahha while Ms. K was totally nuts at it. So even though I've been here before, we were still !@#$%^&*() LOST because I can't read French map. And after 3 years Paris STILL HAS NO ENGLISH MAP haha!

ImageParis was being quite a hot old. Same old, same old. Still with this stunningly spectacular baroque architecture. This pretty much sums up what we did in Paris there. A lot of walkings and a lot of photos. My sunburn got so bad that people thought I was a Nepalis HAHA THANK YOU LA LAO NIANG HAS VERY SPECIAL FEATURES RIGHT =.=

Hahahah!! Ms. K with a couple of gorgeous sizzling soldiers.







ImageUpon entering Louvre, I felt so bad for not being knowledgable enough.

IMG_1751My first time entering Louvre. There is so much in the history, in the world that we need to learn about, so much to understand, so much conspiracy, so much darkness in humanity. Yet I know almost none of the stories.

I read some French history and art mysteries before coming but it wasn't even close to 1% of what I saw in Louvre. :) Art is great.


IMG_1809A naked female statue with a pile of old shirts.....what? I don't even...?


IMG_1803The Last Supper and Mona Lisa are placed right opposite facing each other. Such contrast when Mona Lisa being such a small portrait has security guards around it.

After seeing Mona Lisa for myself I started understanding her grandeur, her power and attraction.  It's a fact that the smaller a portrait is, the harder it is to perfect it. Yet Mona Lisa is so... fine. It's amazing how Leonardo da Vinci can draw just a portrait with many hidden notions. Mysteries aside, some physicists say that you can even derive some mathematical formulae from the portrait. I certainly derived one. 1 eye + 1eye = 2 eyes.

Look the the amount of people in front of me! There wasn't even a line LOL. Ok la I went a little uncivilized and started squeezing bit by bit to proceed further or I won't get a closeup even after a spending a century there. Hahahaha sorry la, forgive lao niang la, it wasn't easy to get my way between so many big-sized angmos lo.

After 10 minutes of battling blood and sweat with big sweaty sea of bodies.


IMAG2605-2Halfway through Louvre I was already feeling a slight regurgitation of whatever in my stomach. It worsened after my hard work fighting off big angmos. So I sat down facing The Last Supper and this baby girl joined me. Her company was therapeutic. :)

Thank you little punkie sweetheart!


IMG_1814Upon leaving Louvre we saw this Mama-shadow. Scared lao niang crapless for a while. =.=

Bought my mum a bag in Champ Elysees. The moment we stepped out of the shop, everyone stared. CRAAAP I swear lao niang would have run away as fast as Usain Bolt if it wasn't for Ms. K. I know we both look very young compared to Parisians my age who look so mature that they can be my dad and mums but please don't openly stare like this it's impolite okie =_= I got so scared that instead of the subway, we hailed a cab and paid 30 euros for that. =.=

We grew back down for these. Paris Disneyland was spectacular and both studio's and parks' tickets only came at 50 euros.





IMG_1593We waited until 7pm when the fairy carnival started! I swear I saw Toy's Story armies actually doing Gangnam Style lol no joke.

After the carnival ended we went to grab some food and got tiok money. One freaking cheese garlic bread was like 8 euros. With this rate my pocket would be empty and I might be stuck in Europe and can't go home. Got a place to stone for mental restoration and went back once again for Space Mountain LOL.

Bought this ice cream cos' we saw everyone eating it. Con money one, it tasted the same as Our Mat Kool, the ones they sell in the ice cream car :P

IMG_1447That's Ms. K with her ultra thrilled SUNBURNED face LOL.

Then the day turned cold from like 28 celsius immediately to 20 celsius just like my temper. We sit at a nice spot near the middle for good view and we talked about boys, about how dry we became, about how a year has passed, almost about everything. We even vowed to get a French guy for ourselves hahaha! We obviously have both failed. It was good because most of the times we were either busy walking, or just stoning. But walao lao niang waited until 11pm for fireworks until butt hurts. Waited so faithfully, fireworks you better be good. :)

Okay la fine. It's a summer night. After all it was worth the wait :)




ImageAll this while there was one stupid lamp post standing there like a boss blocking the whole sky. It actually appears in all my fireworks photos hahahah!!! The fireworks and 3D lights show was at least 30 minutes long? We got lost in time. We got lost in dazzling starstruck fire in the sky. I think somehow we left our hearts there.

We were so lost that when it ended, we couldn't bear to leave until we gotta run to catch the last train to the city.

We left Paris.vous voir bientôt, la ville de l'amour.


Paris has changed quite a little in 3 years time. First of all, this was nowhere to be seen any more.

Image1. cigarette heads

I must guess that after this European Recession, people couldn't afford as many cigarettes LOL joking. Whatever the reason is, the cigarette situation is A LOT better than before! Ohhh lao niang sooo happy ahhh there was no more clouds of smoke to walk into, no one blows clouds with round shape into my face. Yes Parisians, you've got smarter, stay away from lung cancer! :D

The streets becameso much cleaner. Even the subways smelled less of urine fouls! Parisians rock!!

Image2. Pharaohs

I remember seeing Pharaohs everywhere near Champ de Mars last time. Where have they gone to now? Definitey not back to Egypt.

3. Jokers like these



And now, we see this. Wheels of I-dont-know-what-you-are-built-here-for. It's everywhere in the city.

And the coffee shops became less crowded.


Another interesting thing is how the English and the French dislike each other, so much that the French disapproves of conversing in English. Last time, my dad got scolded by a French for asking for direction in English. So I went to ask again and greeted him with bonjour, he went on smiling frenzy and led me out of the B&B to direct us! Wahlao eh, lao niang didn't know Bonjour do magic LOL.

Only this time, the French became a little different. We didn't encounter any French giving us trouble just speaking in English with them, a few even exclaimed agitatedly that they understood English completely.

Dad said this English-French conflict started after World War II because of the domination of the British empire. Besides, although French had been supreme throughout Europe, English rose to importance and everyone learns English lo. Then the French flips table. Somemore lao niang heard last time The English used to always insult the French Food (although English food is terrible=.=). Thus to the French, they find it a praise to their nationality and their language when foreigners, although couldn't speak French, take an effort to speak. Nationalism/ national pride, you name it, we all have it. :)

Overall, be it English or French, maybe we should lay our armor low and LOVE instead.

IMG_1282merci muh, chère Parisiens. au revoir.

Oh, and never leave your place after midnight! And beware of pickpockets! There are way too many of them in Paris!

#nowplaying you're every woman in the world to me.

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